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Girl Nursery Themes - 5 Things to Know

Before deciding on the nursery themes for your little girl, there are 5 key issues you must consider.

It's are going to have a girl.

You are in a whirl of activities from deciding on the baby name to choosing adorable baby clothes (humming softly to yourself). Of course, you want the most beautiful nursery for your precious princess.

Tired of pink? The notion of pink nursery themes for girls is certainly overdone. But there is an element of truth to the theory. Show any little girl an array of dresses and you can be sure she will pick the frilliest, laciest pink one she can find. Perhaps it is a genetic thing, but most girls prefer pastel colors while boys pick harder, bolder colors.

Girl Room Design IdeasGirl Room Design Ideas

1: In Your Baby Nursery...Think Safety.

When you're decorating for your baby, remember that she won’t begin to appreciate the nursery design until she starts her toddler years.

Then what exactly should you concentrate on for the girl nursery themes?

As your baby grows, she will learn to take care of herself, to dust off the bruised knee, to maneuver around sharp edges, to drive carefully (??). But right these early months, she depends completely on you to keep her from harm. It’s a BIG responsibility.

Avoid nursery designs that seem unsafe such as long drapes that could smother a baby or lamps with stuck-on beads that could choke her.

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2: Make YOUR Dreams Come True

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We couldn't design our own nurseries when we were babies. That does not mean we did not later envision what those perfect nursery themes would've been for us. You have your dreams.

This is one time that they CAN come true. Also, this room is your baby's first impression of you. Fill the room with your love, your warmth and your dreams. If the room makes you happy, it WILL make your baby happy too.

Many parents are concerned about having a room that grows with the baby. You do NOT have to sacrifice creative themes and opt for simple pieces.

To Theme Your Kids Room Or Not?

Themes can be very tempting but at the same time, very temporary. From kid rugs to painting murals for your kids rooms, doing up the rooms in fun themes can be a rather expensive proposition.

Is it worth your time and money? Let's explore.

3: Stimulating Colors and Patterns

In today’s fast paced life, we want our baby to come into the world knowing her multiplication tables!! There are products out there that claim ‘your baby can read’.

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You listen to Bach and Beethoven during your pregnancy hoping your child will be the next Grand Master. Well, here is Good News.

Your choice of color and patterns of nursery design ideas can activate her mind and stimulate her senses. Black and white is a classic contrast perfect as nursery themes. Babies respond to bright, clear colors and large basic shapes.

Opt for cool stripes or geometric patterns and bright and vibrant colors.

4: Make That List.

You have chosen your girl nursery themes. Now make a list of the theme oriented items you wish to purchase. Remember not to overdo your chosen theme by putting it everywhere.

(Tip: Try to bring in a few themed items coupled with others in related themes. For example, if you are going with the fairy theme, stick a pair of wings on the wall, perhaps toadstools painted on wall at baby’s eye level. A fairy themed comforter with a solid colored sheet in matching colors will complete the look.)

5: Don’t want those Popular Nursery Themes?

Perhaps you do not want to go with the popular girl room themes but want one that is unique to your baby. This will take a little more time and effort on your part. You need Inspiration.

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  • Look through magazines, online catalogues and stores for girl baby bedding that might catch your attention. The colors on the bedding will give you a starting point.
  • Turn to Mother Nature. Don’t limit yourself to looking at girls bedding only. Look at nature photographs. The colors will always be in harmony - a setting sun, a beachfront, the Grand Canyon. Pick the vivid colors that blend together so beautifully.
  • Look around the house. Gift-wrap paper and gift bags are a great source of color-coordinated inspiration. Some even have interesting designs on them that you could replicate in the baby room.
  • Think of your own interests. What do you enjoy? Music? Sports? Books? You can turn these into the nursery themes of your choice. Remember the bottom line: "If the room makes you happy, it will make your baby happy too."

Popular Girl Nursery Themes

  1. Princesses - The most popular girl nursery theme can be as personal and unique as you want it to be.

  2. Rapunzel - Of all the Disney Princesses, Rapunzel continues to enchant.

  3. Angels and Fairies - Create the enchanted garden look with these furnitures, fabrics and accessories.

  4. Ballerina - A dainty and elegantly feminine nursery is just a click away.

  5. Butterflies - Colorful and dynamic, butterflies provide a perfect backdrop for your little girl.

  6. Flowers - Flowers of different colors and designs are always in season, no matter how old your little girl gets.

  7. Ladybugs

  8. Mermaids - Mermaids are the perfect mix of beauty and fantasy. Find your inspiration here.

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