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A head filled with room decorating ideas and handbag in hand, you are raring to go.

But wait! Turning your room decorating ideas from dreams to reality first needs a reality check. Here's the checklist...

Last updated: March 05, 2021

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Okay, so you are all set, handbag by your side, your trusted credit card resting within, walking confidently towards your car, with a vague idea of what you want. A decorating shopping spree is so exciting. But wait a minute...

What exactly are you going to buy? Do you know what colors would match the kids bedroom ideas? Will all that furniture fit effortlessly in the room or clutter it? Which are the best stores offering the latest bedroom decorating ideas?

Here's what you need to do...walk back into your home, take off your shoes, set aside your handbag, pick up a pen and paper…and enter the room you wish to decorate. Get comfortable here.

The steps below help you understand the basics of decorating.

1. Check the room thoroughly.

Walk into the room and note the things you like about it. Does the morning light stream through the window? Is there a small alcove?

Also note the things that you do NOT like about it. Maybe there is not enough storage space. Or the windows are not proportionate.

All these small details can make a world of difference. Like, if the room gets too hot in the afternoons, you might need dark drapes for the window and a ceiling fan for your toddler's afternoon nap.

Visit the room at different times and maybe even spend the night there. Just get a feel from the point of the person who is going to occupy that room.

2. Create the dream folder.

If you are planning a nursery, create your 'dream folder'. If decorating the kid’s room, sit with your child and note his wants and needs. Note the wildest themes and colors that interest your kid. If you find clippings or room decorating ideas that he likes, put them in this folder.

You will soon discover a unique theme shining through.

3. Elements to Remember.

What are the elements that you need to keep in mind?

List out separate pages for Architecture, Color, Pattern, Texture, Light (both natural and artificial), Furniture, Accessories and Safety. They all play a key role in the bedroom designs you finalize.

We have covered many of these topics for you. Check each article to know what you need.

10 Bedroom Design Tips

From figuring out where to splurge and where to save; to understanding what is a key piece in your kid's bedroom; we will explore all the different aspects of decorating a room - think lights, rugs and everything in between. 

These are things that you have an idea about but maybe haven't given it enough thought.

4. Functionality is Important.

When choosing the furniture pieces, it pays to know the functionality of each item. Would you like to have an exclusive changing table or could you use a dresser instead for long-term multi-functionality?

Instead of a plastic toy chest, a sturdier storage trunk could double up as seating. Or create a window seat with storage under it.

Functionality is one of the most important aspect of bedroom designs in any space.

A storage bench provides extra seating in your kids roomA storage bench provides extra seating and easy cleanup for everyday messes.

5. Set up Your Budget

The theme now begins to take shape in your mind. It is time to establish your budget. Done that? Now slash it by (at least) 25%. This is your final budget.

The 25% will help tide you over unexpected expenses…and if you have some leftover, perhaps you can surprise your kid with a theme based bedroom decorating accessory or take him to the ice-cream parlor!!

Tip: These are universal ideas that are important whether you are decorating a nursery, kids room or teen room. As we go ahead with the rest of the site, you will find the kids bedroom ideas have been separated into specific room needs. Some ideas will be repeated…just so you don’t need to read through the whole site to find them.

The choices in every aspect of the interior designing are unlimited and can make your head spin. Wall paints, for example, are available in every hue of every color imaginable.

Sunny Side

Yellow Mustard

Gold Beach

Your kids room decor decision of yellow walls becomes excruciatingly difficult when you are confronted with ‘bumble bee yellow’, ‘lemon shine’, ‘sparkling sun’ and so on…And that is even before you have to choose the specialty finish you prefer.

The good news? You can be confident that your walls WILL be different. The chances of someone in your neighborhood coming up with exactly the same color and finish choices are low.

The colors and theme you finalize will have to be your own decision. Once you master the basics of decorating, your confidence in your own room decorating ideas will increase.

However, there are some standard decorating tips that can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

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