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Little Mermaid Room Decor

Beauty and Fantasy Come Alive - Mermaid Room Decor

Splish. Splash. Dive into the magical underwater world of King Triton (of Little Mermaid fame) and play with the mermaids. This playful theme is a perfect setting for girls of all ages.

Let's explore some exciting mermaid theme decorations that will transform your child's bedroom to a world of beauty and fantasy.

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Before we head on to the decorating ideas, I want to emphasize (again) that going with a particular theme does not imply filling the room with everything mermaid.

Choose one or two items that display the theme clearly and let the colors and related decorations create the mood.

Inspiration Board 1 : Young Girl Room

In this young girl bedroom, the bedding is in keeping with the colors of the mermaid theme. I love the ruffled look as it feels like ocean waves lapping the beach.

Mermaid Room Decor - Young Girl RoomYoung Girl's Mermaid Room

The colors are soothing and this Circo bedding set can be used for a long time, even after she outgrows the mermaid phase. The throw pillows with the mermaid and sea horse in complementary colors help to enunciate the theme of the room.

The mermaid art perfectly re-iterates the main theme of the room without being too loud. And I especially love the whale lamp

Tip: Buy ribbons in shades of aqua and purple and hot glue it around the lamp shade. You will have a personalized lamp shade to match the rest of the room.

The mermaid rug is another favorite as it pulls the colors not just from the bedding and the lamp but gives an extra pop of color to play around with in the rest of the room - like a pink or gold photo frame or laundry basket.

The different colors also give the eyes a break from the monotony of aqua and purple.

Inspiration Board 2: Teen mermaid Room decor

For the teen girl room, we have opted for a broader theme and look. The gorgeous Natural Shells Quilt has soothing pastels in a beach theme that surely beckons like a siren.

Mermaid Room Decor - Teen Girl RoomTeen Girl's Mermaid Room

We have then pulled all other colors from the bedding itself. Mixing in the earth tones gives the room a more natural look and, as in the previous one, these items are in for the long run.

The mermaid wall decal is bold and fun. It also carries the weight of the mermaid theme on it's dainty shoulders. However, you could also add a mermaid figurine, hooks or even this gorgeous mermaid wall mirror - it's quite stunning.

The simple yet elegant flared table lamp can again be customized to your color scheme with ribbons and other embellishments. The comfortable bean bag chair provides a cozy corner to read a book or chat with friends.

The Blue and Beige Rug fits so perfectly with the colors of the bedding, don't you agree? But my absolute favorite is the lovely and Lively Scrolls Wallpaper (edited: not available on their site anymore).Whether you decide to cover one wall or the entire room, the wallpaper is soothing and eye catching at the same time...and I do believe, very girly girl.

Perfect for a teenager who doesn't want to shout out "mermaid themed room decor here"!!

Inspiration Board 3: Ariel, the Little Mermaid 

Can a mermaid room decor be complete without paying a visit to Ariel, our very own little mermaid? This one is for all the little Disney princesses out there.

Ariel Little Mermaid RoomAriel the Little Mermaid Room

A little girl's bedroom should be lively, joyful and allow for plenty of imagination. And they really do like to see their theme all over the room.

Which is why unlike the other two rooms, here you will find a flood of Ariel pictures all around. I like the Ariel sheet set because the main theme is only on the pillow which, as before, gives the bedding a longer life. 

The toy organizer is a must-have in any kids bedroom if you are to have any hopes of keeping the room tidy. If you already have an organizer and want to create the Little Mermaid theme, sticking Ariel decals is another great option.

Add a beautiful Ariel Wall Art to bring the theme alive. Switch on the night light and dream on! The cute Ariel figurine is a lovely add-on. Just make sure it is placed safely.

Our favorite in this Little Mermaid room decor is the poppy rug which is simply bursting with color. The rug comes in different shades and you could use more than one to create play stations through out the room.

more inspiration:

These inspiration boards, by no means, depict the entirety of amazing items that you can use to create your very own mermaid room decor. Here are some more items to spur your imagination.

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