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Enchant Your Space: 5 Rapunzel-Inspired Room Designs Ideas for a Fairy-Tale Touch

Creating a Rapunzel Themed Bedroom with a touch of magic, a whisper of imagination and these 5 bedroom design ideas. 

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Are you ready to bring your favorite Disney Princesses home?

If Disney Princesses hold your daughter's heart, Rapunzel, with her glorious head of hair, is sure to be a big hit in her room.

There is a magical quality that seems to possess all the stories Disney touches. Not just little girls, but grown up women also sigh and wipe their tears as they watch the beautiful, sensible, noble-hearted Disney princesses battle their demons (or witches) and win the hearts of their Prince Charming (and ours too).

If 'Tangled', Disney's magical fantasy movie is still fresh in your mind and strong in your little princess's heart, make it a part of her bedroom decor.

PS: While the main characters played their part well, the horse was my absolute favorite!

Rapunzel Inspired Girl Bedroom Ideas

1. Rapunzel Theme - Dress It Up in Purple

Rapunzel Inspired Purple Mood Board

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Paper Lanterns


Vanity Set

Rapunzel Blanket

Purple bedsheets

Purple-green Rug

Purple Table Lamp

Every Disney Princess has her very own color scheme. For Rapunzel that translates to purple and gold, and that is such a winning combination.

Consider adding the wallpaper to the ceiling instead and hang the paper lanterns as if flying up into the night sky. White furniture with slim silhouettes are a feminine touch to the room. The soft purple hue for the wall paint, with sheets in the same color and a rug that makes you feel like you are in a beautiful garden - are all design elements that will stand the test of time.

They do not proclaim Rapunzel loudly but offer a gentle reminder, that can be interpreted in different ways as your young one grows. Hang the blanket on a wall or use it across the bed and your Rapunzel inspired theme comes alive.

2. Create a Rapunzel Reading Nook

Rapunzel Inspired Reading nook in BedroomCreate a Rapunzel themed reading corner

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Purple Accent Recliner

White-Gold Side Table

Gold Floor Lamp

Pelt Rug - White

If your daughter wants a more intense representation of the theme but you don't want the entire room to be covered in Rapunzel themed decor, create a special area in the room where she can lose herself in her fantastic imagination.

A reading nook or corner in the room is an ideal space to create whatever magic you want and when time comes to change the decal on the wall, you don't have to break the bank.

3. A canopy bed with sheer fabrics and flower garlands

Make her feel like a princess instantly with a beautiful upholstered canopy bed. You can add fairy lights and flower garlands to re-create the Rapunzel theme. Have her name displayed behind the bed, change the curtains to purple and bedding to represent her current love for Rapunzel.

4. Paint a 3D mural

Paint a Rapunzel themed 3-D muralGet Creative with a 3-D Rapunzel themed mural

If you are artistically inclined or know someone who is, you could paint a Rapunzel mural with the tower and garden in the background. 

Make it 3D by using sheer fabric to replicate her golden tresses. Then stencil lanterns, in glow in the dark paint, above and stick LED tea lights to complete the magic. Turn off the lights and turn on her imagination!

5. Personalize the Room with Items from Etsy

Shop Rapunzel Theme at EtsyShop Rapunzel Theme at Etsy

You are bound to find some unique pieces on Etsy. Mix-and-match and Personalize your room or baby nursery with pillows, decals and special art to bring in the Rapunzel theme without breaking the bank.

Don't be afraid to try out new things - paint the picture frames in bold colors; add flowers to the frames; stick Pascal the gecko to a potted plant in the room or show him peeping out from behind the bed.

There are so many ways in which you can make your Rapunzel inspired bedroom unique and special. 

Creating character related themes might seem like an endless change of decor, but, really, it is not all that expensive a change. Choose bed sheets and pillows in the color scheme of the theme and you can continue to use them long after she has outgrown the theme.

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Creating a room around the Rapunzel theme is easy, budget friendly and guaranteed to make your little princess very happy for a very long time.

To recap, here are 5 magical designs that can show off your Rapunzel themed bedroom without overwhelming the space. 

1. Dress the Room in Purple - always a favorite among girls

2. Create a Rapunzel Reading Nook - a cozy place to take their imaginations to new heights

3. Add an upholstered canopy bed - she will feel like a princess every night

4. Paint a 3-D mural - adding textures and other details to a regular mural makes it more exciting

5. Shop the theme on Etsy - an easy way to personalize the theme by adding your child's name within the Rapunzel theme

I hope you found these ideas helpful. Do you have a Rapunzel themed bedroom to share or ideas on how you could make it unique? Share them with us and our community of moms on our Facebook group.

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