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Are you ready to bring your favorite Disney Princesses home?

If Disney Princesses hold your daughter's heart, Rapunzel, with her glorious head of hair, is sure to be a big hit in her room.

There is some magical quality that seems to possess all the stories Disney touches. Not just little girls, but grown up women also sigh and wipe their tears as they watch the beautiful, sensible, noble-hearted Disney princesses battle their demons (or witches) and win the hearts of their Prince Charming (and ours too).

If 'Tangled', Disney's magical fantasy movie is still fresh in your mind and strong in your little princess's heart, make it a part of her bedroom decor.

RoomMates Princess Rapunzel Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals

Do you want to add some magic to your kids room? Removable wall decals, Disney's Tangled Comforter set, Rapunzel dolls...add them to her room.

You could even give a Tangled Birthday Party!!

A dreamy eyed princess gazing out her tower window...this is a mural that will surely be the envy of every dreamy eyed princess walking in that door.

Creating character related themes might seem like an endless change of decor, but, really, it is not all that expensive a change. Choose bed sheets and pillows in the color scheme of the theme and you can continue to use them long after she has outgrown the theme.

If you have the luxury of extra space, such as a playroom for the kids, you could create a Rapunzel corner by displaying all decals in one tiny area.

Complete the look with Tangled Wall Decals. Stick them around your daughter's study desk; on her vanity; or her closet. Brighten up any space with the long haired beauty and her friends.

All Disney Princesses are beautiful, delicate in looks but strong in mind. Carry the theme through with simple additions such as this delicate Vanity Table and Stool, that looks just right in a princess's bedroom but is strong enough to endure many years and many themes.

Similarly, a neutral wallpaper around the room enriches the look and endures many changes.

Luxton Acanthus Scroll Textured Victorian Damask Wallpaper

Make the room sparkle and shimmer with this colorful wallpaper selection and get inspired by Disney's Tangled. Creating a room around the Rapunzel theme is easy, budget friendly and guaranteed to make your little princess very happy for a very long time.

Do you have a Rapunzel themed bedroom? Upload photos on our Facebook page and shine a light on your design talent.

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