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Spring Decorating - Ideas for Home Decor

Spring Decorating? Check our Home Decor ideas

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Spring is, without a doubt, THE Happiest season of all. A reminder to all of us of the joy of LIFE, Spring bursts through in a riot of colors. As you can see, it makes us positively poetic!

But, really, can you not help but smile at the little green buds peeking through the brown bark as the sweet chirps and tweets warm your heart and thaw the snow?

A clear, blue sky above and soft, warm grass below - won't that make you want to jump with joy too?

Hello Spring!

It is only natural for us to try and bring all these beautiful colors into our home and surround ourselves in the glow.

Spring decorating is great fun. At the same time, we might not want to go all out and change our decor with every season. That would be most exhausting!

oops. Were you  looking for Fall Decorating Ideas? We have them here!

The beauty of spring home decor is that you do NOT need to change everything in the room.

A decorative pillow here; a cheerful accent chair there...and the room is transformed.

Although you have to agree, spring colors in a variety of prints and patterns can work as a great theme for the room too. So you can bring Spring into your home the whole year through.

Some Spring Decorating Ideas to work with:

1. Fresh Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room better than fresh cut flowers. Put them in bowls and vase all over the house and you will feel your spirits rise every time you walk in.

Fresh flowers can last you a week or more if you take proper care. 

If you are a low maintenance kind of person, you can go for silk flowers.

These are especially good in a kids bedroom. You won't have to worry about water spills from overturned vases  when your son practices his dribbling skills.

2. Change the Art

A simple change in the artwork in the room will transform the look and feel completely.

You don't have to go all out and buy new art every season. Stash it in your attic and bring it out every year (just like the Christmas decorations). 

Keep your eyes open at garage sales and visit thrift shops to find art pieces that speak to your home decorating tastes.

In the children's room, keep all artwork in frames (even photo frames work well) and change the poster within anytime you want.

3. Follow the Spring Color Trends

The 'experts' come up with color trends for every season every year. Stay in the now by following the trends and showing it off in your home.

Painting your home or even one room in the trending color sounds like too much work for a few months of fun. If you are up for it, then go ahead.

If not, add the spring colors through accessories.Update the cushion covers, spray paint the vases or picture frames, get a new bedspread in the kid's room. Following the fashion doesn't have to put  a dent in your pocket.

4. Re-paint the Front Door

I'm serious. A cheerful yellow door with a simple wreath need be all it takes to welcome Spring into your home.

Adorn the front door with wall decals of blooming flowers or add a beautiful wreath.

Wall decals are a simple, beautiful and non permanent ways to create a new look.

Spring decorating is a wonderful excuse to update your home and make it fresh and happening.

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