7 Dorm Room Decor Ideas You Never Thought Of

Dorm Room Decor has Evolved! This is Exciting.

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If you are a decorating buff, one look at your drab dorm room and you will be itching to start. Right?

Decorating dorm rooms means more than simply adding dorm room furniture, bedding, college posters and other dorm supplies.

The style of your college dorm room is a reflection of your individual personality. 

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7 Dorm Decor Items That Are Too Cute to Ignore

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Ready? Set! Dive In To The Hidden Jewels Of Dorm Room Decor

1. The Owl Mouse

Are you a Night Owl? 

How about this adorable and very colorful owl-mouse? Ha ha. Now that's an oxymoron I think (You know, owls eat mice...that kind of thing). Anyways, it's an eye-catching addition to your desktop.

You should also check out the Skate Burger Mouse. LOVE the dorkiness of that one.

Do you have a theme or color scheme in mind for your dorm room? Look for the dorm bedding that most inspires you and design your room around it.

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2. Post It Dispensing Cat

This beauty of a post-it dispenser will have you purring and your friends drooling.

For a more sophisticated look you can check out this bear post-it dispenser too. He looks so deep in thought. Could trigger some deep thoughts in you too!

3. Bulletin Board or Wall Art?

Why can a bulletin board not be a wall art too? This neat print makes a boring bulletin board come alive, don't you agree? You can find these and many more prints to choose from at Target too.

4. Unique Headboards Anyone

Give your dorm room a high end look with a unique headboard that will make your room the talk of the dorm!

You can find an eye-catching selection of headboards to suit just about any color scheme you can think of.

5. Extra Seating Musical Chairs

Okay, I think I knocked this one out of the park. What say?

Who can resist Marco, the gorgeous brown cow stool as additional seating in your dorm room? I mean, I might just buy it for my living room right now!

Or maybe I'll go for this Teal Elephant instead. Oooh, the possibilities.

6. Fabric Curtains for Closets

 Do you have open closet space in your dorm room? That can be quite a damper on your dorm room decorating ideas. Regular drapes can be quite expensive and yes, a lot boring too.

Why not check out fabric shower curtains? They come in such delightful colors and prints, it could be another giant wall art in your dorm room! They are also much sturdier and durable as they are made to withstand humid bathroom conditions.

7. Multi-tasking Wall Mirror

 Let your over-the-door full-length mirror do all the heavy lifting for you.

This awesome mirror has a lockable jewelry cabinet behind it. Making all your get-up, make-up and out-the-door an easy and quick routine.

Well, what do you think of these unexpected finds? These are all items you would purchase anyways, why not make them fun, artistic and crazy too.

Have you come across any item that you think we could add to this list? Post a picture or add a comment below or through our Facebook page. We love such out-of-the-box yet functional ideas.

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