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Shared Bedrooms can still have personal spaces. It all boils down to using colors, themes and décor to pull the room together.

Decorating shared bedrooms can be a fun challenge; Just follow these simple tips and tricks as I walk you through some tricky parts.

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Shared Bedrooms in Kids Spaces - 4-5-6 solutions

4. Both like the Same Colors!

Often in the kids shared bedrooms, if both are of the same gender and/or twins, you might find that they have similar color preferences.

That is a good thing if you want to paint the entire room one color. It might prove a little more challenging if you want to give them visually separate spaces.

Shared Bedrooms with two beds with same color schemeReversible Comforters and Monogrammed lettering can help distinguish each child's space

a. Same wall décor in reverse. One way to distinguish each person’s private space would be to stencil the wall design in reversible colors.

So if both want pink and purple, try two walls with a pink base and design in purple while the other two walls can have a purple base with design in pink.

b. Reversible comforters. A quick and easy option is to buy similar comforters that are reversible. Usually reversible comforters have similar color scheme on both sides but a different pattern. 

Tip: Comforters are a great way to dress up individual areas in shared bedrooms and give them each child’s distinct stamp. A neat idea is to tie in one theme for a brother and sister, get her an Ariel (mermaid) comforter and get him a Nemo comforter (one theme catering to individual tastes).

c. Spell Their Names. Colorful lettering is available in a multitude of colors, patterns and themes. Let the kids find the ones that most appeal to them. Hang them on the wall above their beds, they are bound to love it.

Pros and Cons of Shared Kids Bedrooms

The Pros and Cons of Shared Bedrooms

Parents today worry excessively about giving their child or children the privacy and comfort of their own bedrooms. And yet, sharing a bedroom during the growing years brings unexpected advantages.

Take the time to understand the pros and cons of shared bedrooms. You will be surprised at what you learn here.

5. Involve the kids in the buying process

When all the details have been worked out, it is time to go out there and Shop! Don’t try to sneak in a shopping trip on your way back from work just to save time.

Involving the kids in the actual buying process is a good experience for them. It will also motivate them to keep their room clean (at least their side of it!).

In shared bedroom, let kids choose some itemsInvolve the kids in their Room design - let them choose

Allow their favorite colors can be revealed here through beddings, storage bins etc. They should also be allowed to get some favorite room décor items, photo frames, clocks or other knick-knacks.

Just make sure they both have a limit to the number of items they can have and that both have the same number. If Jill got 3 while Jodie got 4, you are bound to have a tantrum on your hands.

6. Eliminate Wasted Space

In small spaces, go vertical with your designIn small spaces, go vertical with your design

The single shared bedrooms that do double duty in catering to two individuals can ill-afford any wasted space.

a. Bunk Beds. The best way to achieve this is through bunk beds. Today there are a number of designs and choices available in this segment. You can have two twins one above the other, one twin on top with a full bed on the bottom, a twin on top with a twin on bottom at 90 degrees.

Tip: When going for bunk beds, remember to check the height of the ceiling in the room. Bunk beds work best for kids over the age of 5yrs. If the younger kid is less than 5yrs, it might be a good idea to use the beds as single pieces until he is old enough to get up and down the ladder safely.
If both kids insist on sleeping on the top bunk, let them take turns…this is another great lesson in sharing!

b. Under-bed storage. Roll away storage bins that can be stored under each bed provides each kids with their own personal storage area.

c. Loft Beds. Two loft beds with study desk and chair neatly tucked beneath can be quite a space saver. It will also eliminate the question of who get the top bunk.

d. Wall Mounted Lamps. Reading in bed will be much more fun, give light at the correct angle. Wall mounted lights save space on the bedside table for other items such as an alarm clock, books etc. Wall sconces are also available in fancy decorative themes.

Shared bedrooms are not as terrifying to decorate as you thought, are they? All you need is to follow the basic guidelines for all rooms, negotiate, and think out of the box.

You will soon achieve that great look without compromising on either child’s tastes. In fact, the room can look like it was meant to be shared all along.

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