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Decorating Kids Bedroom Themes Over the Years...enjoy the ride!

The journey of decorating in bedroom themes over the years, is just as fascinating as your child's journey from infant to teenage. 

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The very first time that I decorated my kids' room, I knew exactly what I wanted to put in.

My son was majorly into dinosaurs while my daughter was all things girly. Moreover, since we were doing it for the first time (we had just moved into this apartment), decorating it was a snap.

I found these bright green and orange photo frames and everything just fell in place. 

Bedroom Themes - Decorating Over the Years

Yup. That's right. Everything from the comforter to the kids bed sheets to the wall decor was perfect. I even added dinosaur and butterfly looks to the photo frames and gave myself a pat on the back for creativity.

There was only one problem. 

The kids outgrew their bedroom themes!

Does this scenario seem familiar to you? Are you stuck between themes and not quite sure what to do and where to go from here? 

The decorating journey from baby boy nursery to teenage bedroom is as much a joy to capture (in your camera) as the actual journey from infant to adult.

The different stages of his development can be visually experienced through the various kids bedroom ideas you implement over the years.

The first question should be "Do I go with a theme or not?"

Let us get the ball rolling...

1. Choosing the Baby Nursery Themes

If you are preparing for your first born, you might go all out and buy something like this adorable Toy Story bedding set. 

A convertible crib that converts to a toddler bed and changing dresser knobs allow you to change the look to suit the new bedroom themes as your child grows.

On the other hand, if you have baby number 2 (or more) on the way, and if space is a constraint (as it often is), you might want to re-consider.

If you decide to go with a new color scheme and theme in the now girl nursery, pieces like the Toy Story Lamp and the Toy Story Upholstered Chair could end up in your attic or the yard sale.

Tip: The most important point to remember when decorating the baby nursery, is that YOU are going to be spending a lot of time in there. The baby is still too young to be bothered about the aesthetics of the room. Decorate the nursery to your satisfaction.

2. Deciding the Toddler Bedroom Themes

Once your child starts running around the house, it is time for a change.

It's out of your hands now. The days of decorating the room the way you imagined it are gone. It is time to embrace your toddlers interests. 

It is still fairly easy to re-decorate the toddler room. The crib will convert to a toddler bed, the sheets and comforter from the baby bedding set will still fit...and your toddler is probably so busy checking out the amazing world of surprises outside to really bother over much about his room decor.

At this point, you still know his interests better than him. And if you ask him nicely, he will let you re-decorate his room any way you want.

Although you might need to add wall space for his treasured art pieces, and accept the tiny stickers he got from the doctors or as a birthday party favor...adorning his newly painted walls and closet. (and which absolutely throws your theme askew).

3. Re-decorating for your Tween Bedroom

Now that your tween has outgrown the toddler bed, it is time for you to head on back to the design board.

This time you not only need a bigger bed but also a kid desk and chair for study times and more storage and shelf space for his Lego creations and souvenirs. Measure the space so the kids room decor fits perfectly.

As the kids grow, so their needs change and we have to be ready to provide it all. Involve him in the re-decorating process. 

Bedroom themes will now reflect his new tastes - sports, music, art or animals can all be a part of the decor. Incorporate his favorite colors in the decorative pillows or the laundry basket.

Wall decals showing their favorite movie are easy to install and change when needed. Or simply buy large frames - change the movie poster with his changing favorites.

4. Accepting Teenage Bedroom Themes

Would you even generalize it with the word 'themes'?

Of course there are broad generalizations, such as Zebra or Animal Print theme, Cowboy/girl theme, or a Parisian/Fashionista theme and the now infamous "Video Game' theme.

But truly, every teenager just wants to put his own stamp on his room. Forget all those kids bedroom ideas you've been collecting all these years...and let your teenager decide the kind of room he wants. 

Usually older kids go for color schemes such as the Purple Room or for styles such as Vintage or Cottage Style.

As your teenager is probably exploring and finding his own unique style right now, it would be easier for you to just accept that there will be a lot of changes in his room decor.

Also, by this time, he probably already has a big collection of some or the other hobby. Give him plenty of room to display these proudly.

Frame photographs of his big days as well as of his friends and place them strategically...and that teenage bedroom will become a reflection of his personality.

Whether you are decorating the room for the first time or re-decorating it, sticking to chosen bedroom themes only helps to tie the entire room together.

If you have a theme or a color scheme in mind, you can achieve a great look by simply being true to yourself.

I have seen rooms with matching furniture and colorful accessories as well as rooms with mismatched furniture and simple accessories - and each has it's own unique perfection.

Just the way your children do.

Are you ready to check out the various themes now?

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