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Toy Storage Ideas - Organize Kids Room

Creative Toy Storage Ideas to Organize Kids Room

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The biggest challenge to parents when decorating the kids room is in keeping it neat and organized.

Everyone knows just how messy the childrens room can get with toys, books, clothes and other knick-knacks strewn around. The solution to kids room storage is two-pronged but simple. And if you keep at it right from the beginning, it could mean easier times in the years that follow.

So what is this two-pronged approach?

First you have to provide ample storage solutions. There are childrens bookcases, closet organizers, kids shelving and toy storage bins, to name a few. We will discuss them in detail below.

Make sure you label the containers and make it clear as to which items go in each storage area.

Secondly, follow up with the clean up routine on a daily basis.

Perfect Toy Storage Solution

There will be days when your 3 year old listens and cleans-up and then there will be days when he won't. You do not have to push him every day.

Sure you can clean up for him once in a while. But make sure he realizes that you have done his job for him; that it is a favor, and not something he can take for granted.

With persistence the clean-up can become a habit that will sustain over the years.

1. Baby Shower Overload.

Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Nursery Shelves

Baby Showers are a lot of fun. Sometimes the gifts you receive at the baby shower cannot be used immediately. Don't store them away in toy storage bins, out of sight.

If there are items that you think your baby might enjoy in later years and they go with the theme of the nursery (actually, even if they don't), display them neatly on wall shelves high near the ceiling.

Your baby cannot reach them (so he is safe) and yet they visibly add to the character of the nursery.

The shelf can later display former toys, future trophies, collections or artwork. Kids shelving is available in adorable themes and graphics. Or you could paint them to match the rest of the decor.

2. De-clutter the Closet.

Over Door/Wall Mount 4 Clear Window Pocket Organizer, Pink

The closet is probably the messiest area in the entire room. Keeping it neat and organized is simply a matter of providing ample storage.

Hang canvas shoe bags; buy storage bins, portable storage carts. Create zones within the closet – what will go on hangers, in drawers, in storage bins and in shoe bags.

Label the containers to avoid confusion.

3. A Closer Look at the Closet.

Once a month, give the closet a closer look. Kids outgrow clothes fast.

Yet many of the 'peeping belly button' tees might still be adorning his closet even as new ones edge in.

Also winter clothes and summer clothes vying with each other for closet space is a set recipe for a messy disaster.

4. An Awkward Nook can be a Storage Delight.

Convert an awkward nook in the room to your advantage. Fit in simple shelves including one at desk height.

This space can be used for arts and crafts at first and for homework later. The kids bookshelves or wall cubbies above can be great for keeping books and other knick knacks or even as to keep toy storage bins.

Paint the back of each cubby a different color for more visual appeal. Drawers below can store many accessories.

5. Get Innovative with your Storage Ideas.

While manufacturers provide myriad different options for convenient and delightful toy storage options, you might be surprised at how easy it is to create storage that is unique but enduring.

Canvas shoe bags can be hung on the wall to hold pens and notepads as well as small toys. If your little one enjoys dinosaurs (or cars), stuff the small ones into the openings – within easy reach of tiny hands, it doubles up as room décor.

Stack-able plastic boxes and kids buckets make for great kids storage bins. Plastic containers in the kitchen department of the store might be just right for all those puzzle pieces to be neatly stored in.

6. Storage Around the House.

Folding Toy Box Chest with Memory Foam Seat Faux Leather

While it is great that we have the kids room finally neat and organized, it is unlikely that his mess is contained there.

If you have tripped more than once over a tiny toy waylaying you on the way to the living room sofa, you know what we are talking about. Toy box benches (if space allows) are a great investment in the living room too.

Are you worried that it would mess up the decor? On the contrary, it injects an element of warmth...and can even be a great conversation starter.

Not to mention, the kids would love to have their own space within your space. And last minute clean ups (for that surprise visitor) will be a breeze. These gorgeous ottomans can also be great hiding places for scattered toys.

Outdoor Storage Bench

There are also Outdoor Storage Benches available to cater to the never-ending stream of toys, books and such that end up outside.

7. Bath Toy Storage.

Bath Toy Storage

For many parents, bath time can be quite stressful. Bath toys are regularly updated to provide the kids a fun time in the bathroom.

But then again, what about storage? If your child has a bathroom all to himself; do create storage for towels, diapers, creams etc in the bathroom.

The toys can be dumped into a Bath Storage Basket for easy access and clean-up.

First Aid Kit is probably one of the first things you would have bought since your child turned 2! Keep it in the bathroom, but out of his reach; at all times.

Childrens toy storage ideas have come a long way. Today there are so many options. We discuss them in greater detail in separate articles.

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