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Dorm Essentials - The Oft Forgotten Stuff
The 4 main areas you need to focus on.

Make Dorm Essentials a part of your College Checklist. We have 

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Moving to a college dorm this Fall? You must be sooo excited!

You must have already checked out the college site for all details; picked up some ideas for dorm bedding and even imagined yourself in the setting.

There you are...Independent! Responsible! Mature!

But wait a moment.

  • Who is going to wake you up in the morning in time for class?
  • How are you going to walk all the way to the bathroom and carry all your toiletries?
  • Where are you going to hang those pretty dresses you've lined up in your closet at home?
  • Who is going to fix you a mid-night snack for late night studies?

Dorm Essentials - the Oft Forgotten Stuff

There are a lot of simple stuff that we often overlook.

There are many aspects to getting ready for college and dorm life. While mentally you might be stimulated, excited, nervous and anxious all at once, you cannot ignore the more practical issues on hand.

Even as you shop around for the ideal dorm refrigerator or the dorm microwave, you have to be aware of the electrical points in the room or remember to buy the surge control.

Of course, the laptop and bedding are key must-haves but then so are lap desks and book lights.

1.BIG Ticket Items

Check to see if your college allows you to bring items such as dorm refrigerator, microwave, toaster and other big ticket items. 

If you love to cook or are much into healthy living, you might want to add a juicer or a stove to your college checklist.

However, if you are going to share a room with another, find out their preferences and maybe you can split the items.

An important dorm essential here is a Water Filter!!

2. How do I eat it? Where do I clean it?

Once you have all the dorm supplies to cook your own dinner, or at least re-heat it, you need to put it on a plate and eat with a fork or spoon.

Not to forget, the inevitable microwaveable containers!!

And afterwards, you would also need a dish detergent and sponge to clean up the dirty dishes. I would also recommend a multi-purpose cleaner. This would be a great way to clean up and deodorize your microwave or refrigerator in case of spills.

Carry some ready to eat favorites to help out in those first few weeks.

3. Handy Personal Items

You are going to be living there for many months at a stretch. Of course, you cannot have a ready supply of everything in your room - where would you store all that??

Also, stuff happens. Things break, tear, get lost, get dirty...

It makes sense to carry at least a month's supply while you get to know where everything is available in your area.

Stuff such as personal medication, simple first-aid kit, jewelry holder, all toiletries (and a shower caddy to carry them to the bathroom in), laundry detergent, hangers and more are absolute dorm essentials.

I would suggest that starting today until the day of your move, make a regular note of all the things that you are using daily without really thinking about it - such as hangers and batteries.

4. Study Well.

While you are having such a swell time enjoying your dorm life, you cannot lose focus of your raison d'etre, your reason to be there - Your Studies.

Remember, space in a college dorm is limited. You want to set up an entire living area in a small cube shared with another - so space is at a premium.

Use desk organizers to keep your desk neat. Invest in a lap desk and book light for times when your roommate needs to sleep while you are getting ready for a test tomorrow.

Count the electrical points in your room. Need more? Buy an extension cord with surge control to plug in all those extra dorm supplies.

It might also be a good idea to carry a basic tool kit for those unexplained moments.

Dormco offers a handy dorm pack (in Mini Mega and Super Mega sizes) of many dorm essentials.

So even as you rush off to buy that oh-so-you dorm bedding and the wall art you plan to decorate with, remember to keep an eye on the dorm essentials and you will be able to truly enjoy the Dorm Life!

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