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Baby Cribs...and other Crib Furniture

Too Many Baby Cribs to Choose From? Help is Here.

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The first precious months of your baby’s homecoming are spent sleeping or lying down.

Thus, the baby’s crib furniture becomes the centerpiece of your nursery. The cribs need to be comfortable, eye-catching and above all, SAFE. Hey, you already knew that!

Sure, we all know what our baby needs. What we want to know is how do we go about providing it to him. Right?

You’ve been waiting for this moment since you found out about the baby, haven’t you? This moment, when you actually purchase that baby crib...which suddenly makes it all so real. It’s as if your baby was already here. So exciting!

You’ll probably end up spending hours staring at the empty crib envisioning your new baby in there.

You rush to the baby store knowing exactly what you are looking for…and then you see them!! This one looks great...oooh, just look at that one...hey, that’s just perfect...Oh! But I like that one too.

So many baby cribs to choose from, they can truly make your head spin. Now what?

Here we will break down the different types from canopy cribs to co sleepers, so you can better decide the baby bed that is just right for your little one.

1. Luxury Cribs

Luxury Cribs are a splurge, but what a beautiful sight.Especially useful when you plan to use it in the long term.

Imagining this headboard in your teenage daughter's room might require a stretch of your imagination when she is just newly born, but you will certainly thank yourself on this early splurge over the years.

With great craftsmanship, these baby cribs easily become the focus of attention. These cribs combine the look of a family heirloom with today's best safety features.

2. Convertible Cribs

Find more baby cribs here.

In this age of multi-tasking, crib furniture has also undergone an interesting change.

Convertible cribs start out as standard cribs and later can convert to toddler beds. Some even convert to daybeds or full sized beds that can be used in a teen or guest room.

Learn more about the Convertible Baby Crib.

Remember to check if the conversion kit comes with the crib furniture or purchase it along with the nursery furniture set at the same time.

3. Unique Cribs

If price is of no concern to you, or if this pricey crib comes within your is a unique piece of crib furniture that is sure to WOW your friends and family.

Crafted from eco-friendly wood sources and non-toxic finishes, this crib is lead and phthalate safe.

It features 2 adjustable mattress levels, and includes a custom fitted mattress and the toddler bed conversion kit.

The clear acrylic sides give you a clear view of your sleeping baby.

4. Crib with Storage

We all know that with the arrival of a baby come the inevitable baby accessories - the diapers, wipes, burp cloth, onesies, toys...just to name a few.

A crib with storage space whether under the baby cribs or on the side such as this DaVinci Piedmont 4-in-1 Crib and Changer Combo help you keep everything exactly where you can find them.

5. Canopy Crib

The canopy crib gives an exotic touch to the baby nursery. You will need to ensure that the canopy material stays out of reach of the baby. 

Most canopy cribs are available in iron. Or add a separate canopy to any crib of your choice.

6. Round Cribs

Round cribs do look amazing. Many parents prefer them today as there are no sharp edges to it. They also take centerstage in the nursery.

Be sure to buy the round crib mattress and mattress protector as well.

7. Co Sleeper

You want to be next to your baby while he sleeps but you know that he can't sleep with you. It's too risky. Get yourself the co-sleeper. One side of this crib is open to allow you to nurse or soothe the baby through the night. 

8. Portable Cribs

These cribs are generally less expensive. They are easy to carry as they can be collapsed and put back quickly. They may not have all the standard features of a traditional crib.

Portable cribs are great for grandparents, who can fold them away when the grandkids are not visiting. They are also a great solution for home day cares.

9. Playards

Similar to the portable cribs, they are very convenient and comfortable for the baby. A toddler could stand in it and would not fall over.

Some of them have bassinets that can be hung at a higher level for younger babies. Once they start standing, you have to do away with those.

Some additionally feature a soft changing mattress that also attaches to the playard, thereby saving space in the room.

10. Eco Friendly Nursery Furniture Sets (includes mattress)

Sustainably produced in Europe with non-toxic and VOC free finishes, the eco friendly crib furniture is growing in popularity. 

The 'Rhea' featured above is a beautiful crib that is easy to assemble. The eco-friendly reversible mattress features a firm side for babies and a softer side for toddlers.

Add eco-friendly organic cotton baby bedding to complete your green nursery.

"I already have a crib."

Do you already have a crib, either from an older kid or borrowed from a friend? 

Clean it thoroughly. 

Wooden cribs could show some wear and tear from previous use. Check the wood for splinters or cracks. You could also re-paint it to match the nursery theme. Use stencils to paint on exclusive designs and give the crib a more decorative look.

There are important features of baby cribs that need to be checked prior to the purchase. Read them carefully and note the dimensions mentioned. There are also some decorative features that can be added. But these are optional.

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