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Western bedding sets inspire Cowboy Decor

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You have always wanted to create a cowboy / cowgirl themed room and now you finally have the chance to do just that!

Cowboy decor is extremely exciting. The best part of this theme is that you have so many items to choose from.

There are lassos and horseshoes; there are cowboy boots and hard hats; there are horses and cows; in short...there is excitement and variety.

And there is no dearth of fancy items in the market that will help feed your creativity.

We present here 3 vision boards to whet your appetite - the first is for a cowboy themed nursery; the second for a cowboy teen room; and the third for your rough and tough cowgirl.

Find the one that suits you and don't forget to check the rest of the eye candy including our DIYW tips and ideas for a room that is uniquely incredible...or is it incredibly unique?

Vision Board 1 - Cowboy Baby Nursery 

Vision Board 1 - Cowboy Baby NurseryVision Board 1 - Cowboy Baby Nursery

Brighten up the baby nursery with the razzle-dazzle of the rodeo. When it comes to choosing the crib, keep it simple and focus on safety - like this Delta Bentley Crib

Bring in the theme of the nursery with western bedding sets that will match the theme. There are many for you to choose from such as this Cowboy Rodeo Patchwork Blanket. If you do not plan on using the blanket in the crib, hang it on the wall as decorative art.

Make sure you secure it well. The picture will inspire a lot of creative play for your little one. The other big ticket item we suggest indulging in is the Cowboy Toy Box Bench. The colors match perfectly and could serve a backdrop for much imaginative play time. 

Did you notice the star laden wall behind the crib? That could be an accent wall covered with Star Wallpaper. You could use Toy Story decals for an entirely movie themed baby nursery too.

Decorate the walls with Cowboy decor themed wall art. You could also do horses, cows or even boots. Add to the flavor with a cute hook saying Cowboys. 

Complete the cowboy decor with his name spelled out in the same theme. The baby caddy isn't too shabby either, eh?

Vision Board 2 - Western Bedding Sets for Your Cowboy

Vision Board 2 - Cowboy Teen RoomVision Board 2 - Cowboy Teen Room

A cowboy is rough, tough, with a no-nonsense attitude and extremely polite nature. How could you go wrong with a cowboy themed room then? 

For the young man who has opted for it, this western bedding sets is one of the most sober yet not, kind that I have ever seen. And the cowboy rug goes amazingly well with the rodeo bedding, methinks.

A pair of cowboys silhouetted on an opposite wall, seals the theme of the room. You could add in other decals of horses if you have more space to fill up. And can you just see the boot lamp on a nightstand next to the bed? It's quite a work of art in itself.

I can't quite seem to be done with a cowboy themed decor unless there are some stars on the wall. And while there are many different sizes and patterns on stars in stores, this particular set seems to be 'just right'. Add in the cowboy wall art, also in silhouette, to complete the cowboy decor.

Vision Board 3 - Cowgirl Decor

Western Bedding - CowgirlVision Board 3 - Cowgirl Decor

"Forget Glass Slippers, the Princess in this house wears Boots!!!"

Ooh, I wish I could have had that awesome cowgirl decal in my room, growing up. It would have been front and center. And now, my daughter is exactly like that too.

Did you notice that huge Wild West scene setter taking up a sizable portion of the vision board? Usually these are used to set the scene for a western themed party, but hey, why not let it set the scene for the entire bedroom theme?

It's like a giant mural and would make a great conversation piece in the room as well. 

The western bedding sets are complete with these cowboy bed sheets that will look amazing in the room, especially when matched up with the basket liners.

Girls love to have a place to sit and chat with friends and it had better be cozy since she is going to spend a lot of time there. The cowhide chair makes a perfect backdrop for endless gossip or a quiet read.

The cowgirl hooks are perfect for hanging her bag, jacket and knick knacks. And the boot vase? Well, that is just something that looked like it belonged in that room. 

Western Bedding Sets and DIYW Cowboy Decor

There are a lot of cowboy decor items available in stores and online. Finding one that matches your taste, budget and ideas would not be too difficult.

However, try to keep at least one item in the room DIYW. This gives the room a special look that you know for sure, is yours alone. And it gives you an outlet for your creativity.

Here are some idea that might work for you.

  1. Burlap Friendly - Burlap comes in many different colors but the rustic brown original burlap would make a great wall hanging. You could make a banner - with the words 'HOWDY' or 'YEE-HAW' or 'GIDDY-UP' written on it - use a western style font for the letters.
  2. Rope It Along - Lassos are a big part of the cowboy decor. Buy a length of rope and simply loop it around and tack on a nail. Or create loops along the length of one wall. Add a cowboy hat for a more authentic feel.
  3. Horse Art - Print out a picture of a horse, glue it to a canvas and splash color all around it. Remove the picture and paint the horse black. You have an amazing horse artwork ready for the walls!
  4. Photo Art - Take a picture of your young cowboy or cowgirl in full Wild West glory. Upload the picture on picmonkey or any similar photo software and give it a rustic/vintage tinge (black and white or slightly yellowed look), put in a wooden frame.

I will leave you with the knowledge that Less is More when it comes to decorating kids rooms. See how beautifully Carolyn of Sweet Chaos Home created the Western look without taking it to the extreme. All that neat organized space looks like a dream!

Now go ahead. Spread out the western bedding sets, add in your own decor and pat yourself on the back for another decorating project well done.

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