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Valentines Day Ideas Inspired Baby Nurseries and Kids Rooms

Are you looking for kids rooms inspired by Valentine's Day Ideas? You want to fill your child's rooms with love, joy and fun. Check out these mood boards and accent pieces designed to showcase your unconditional love.

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What is Valentine's Day all about?

It is a day to celebrate LOVE. Not just the soul-mate kind of love, but just every kind of love you can think of. You love your partner, your children, your pet(s), your BFFs. You might even want to show some love towards your neighbors or colleagues...well, at least you can have peace, a truce of sorts.

But why wait for one day in the year to show your love?  Why not use Valentine's Day Ideas and get inspired to design a room that surrounds your kid with all the love in your heart all year round?

Valentine's Day Ideas as Inspiration for Kids Room Mood boards

I know what you are thinking. A room inspired by Valentine's Day ideas is going to be too much red and pink with hearts all over. That's not going to last long.

Let me walk you through the three nursery mood boards I have designed - and yes, there's pink and yes, there are hearts but there are so many other ways to fill the room with your love while creating a design that will last a few years at least.

If you have been following my website, you will know that I completely believe that every child deserves a room that grows with their growing personalities. This does not mean you need to spend tons. But you do need to change things up at different stages.

Read my article on how you should be Decorating Over the Years...

Let's begin the journey with the expected pink hearts and glitter.

Baby Nursery Mood Board 1 - Made You Blush - inspired by Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Made You BlushValentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Made You Blush



Wall Paint

3D Butterflies


Crib Sheets

Heart Pillow

For this baby nursery, I envision the wall behind the crib painted in the darker paint and the butterflies in the same color on one side of the wall. These are 3D butterflies, which adds texture to your wall.. But be sure to stick them away from the crib, so they do not accidentally drop into the crib and stay out of reach when baby is able to stand up in the crib. 

I love a good design but as always...Safety First.

The lighter paint color is for the rest of the room. The crib is a gorgeous , deceptively simple design. The curved natural wood base of the crib softens the look and the curved edges of the crib are an added advantage when baby starts crawling and bumping into things.

The dresser, crib and the eye-catching chandelier are pieces that will stand the test of time for when the room is ready for a makeover.

Baby Nursery Mood Board 2 - Love You More - Inspired by Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Love You MoreValentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Love You More






Heart decor

Floor lamp


Wall art

Here's a fun twist to the pink and heart Valentine's Day ideas you might have. 

If you were looking for inspiration for a blue nursery, search no more! Once again, the hearts are there but in very subtle ways. The chandelier is absolutely stunning. My vision here is to paint the ceiling in that very calming blue which will allow the chandelier to really be the star of the show.

Wallpaper behind the crib with your baby's name scrawled on it. For the rest of the room, you could go with a soft white or very light blue. Sprinkle your love around the room with signs, plaques and wall art.

Another gorgeous baby nursery that you can switch the theme of in no time at all.

Baby Nursery Mood Board 3 - Wildly In Love - Inspired by Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Wildly In LoveValentine's Day Ideas - Nursery Mood board - Wildly In Love




Wall Art

Crib Sheets



I reserved my favorite for last. This stunning gender-neutral baby nursery shows your love for your baby with more than words. The wall art with mom and baby animals has so many options that I had a difficult time choosing just three.

I don't know where to start...the golden hearts wallpaper, the x-shaped crib, the boho-style dresser - these are all stunning on their own but when put together, they create a baby nursery that is cheerful, vibrant and drenched in love.

It is super important to keep functionality of the room front and center when designing your baby's nursery or kid's room. 100% cotton sheets ensure that no harsh chemicals are touching your baby's tender skin. The jewel-toned storage ottomans present a luxurious addition even as they help with a quick clean up of toys and blankets.

Cool Valentine's Day Ideas to Inspire Older Kids Rooms

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn't put there to stay -
Love isn't love
'Til you give it away.

~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music, "You Are Sixteen (Reprise)"

Plan a Party with these Valentine's Day Ideas

Whether you are planning a friendly get together or a cozy twosome this year; jazz up the occasion with Valentines Day Decorations and Decor items.

To best celebrate Valentines Day you need to create a fabulous atmosphere. Here are some neat ideas to make sure 'Love Is In the Air'...

  • If you have a color theme such as a black-white-red party, create the party invite in the same colors. 
  • Or go all out! How about putting your party details inside a red heart balloon. They will have to burst the balloon to get to the message...and the message could read - 'My heart is bursting with joy...come over and celebrate Valentine Day with us'.
  • The Valentines Day Decorations have to match the theme. You can have a masquerade. Ask everyone to come in costume, but each character should have a love story to tell.
  • Have fun games such as 'Charades' where you have to act out movies or phrases - you can have them related to love (or not, if that becomes too mushy).
  • Enjoy dance games such as the 'Paper Dance' where each couple has to dance on a piece of paper...and everytime the music stops, you fold the paper and dance again. See who can carry it through to the end!

Creating magic is in our hands,all we need to do is spend a little amount of time exploring our potential. We hope these Valentines Day Ideas have inspired you to have your own Valentine's Day Ideas Inspired Kids Room!

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