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Round Cribs 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Trendy Sleep Spaces

Why round cribs could the perfect choice for your baby if you are looking for a baby nursery filled with charm and style.

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Planning to buy a crib is a long drawn process. Read our pages on Baby Cribs to better understand your options and make an informed decision.

Your baby is, naturally, the focus of attention in the nursery and as he will be spending a large part of his day in his crib, the biggest focus in the nursery furniture belongs to the crib.

If you are looking for something special to cradle your precious bundle of joy, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of round cribs! These charming sleep spaces are not just a trend; they're a cozy, safe, and stylish choice for your little one.

1. Wider than Traditional Cribs.

Many parents are opting for round or oval cribs as they are wider than traditional cribs. This allows the infant better movement without the risk of his arms or legs hanging through the slats. 

On the downside, a round crib would take up more space than a traditional rectangular baby crib, so pay close attention to the size of the room and the different items you want to fit in the space before moving forward with a round crib.

Round cribs provide a secure environment with no sharp corners. This can be a great asset once the baby is ready to crawl and spends time outside and around the crib.

Of course, an oval crib is a great alternative as well.

2. Round Cribs require Special Mattresses and Beddings

Round Cribs Require Special Mattress and Bedding

If you decide to purchase a round or oval shaped crib, remember to pick up a round mattress with the correct measurements. Usually online stores include the mattress.

Crib bedding that fits your round crib perfectly is also easily available including dome covers, sheets, valances, dust ruffles and more.

Tip: Slide your fingers between the mattress and crib. If you can fit two fingers in, the mattress is too small. This can be dangerous for your baby. Make sure that even with a mattress in place, the crib sides are tall enough to keep your baby safely inside. 

3. Create Enchanting Themes and Looks.

You cannot deny the beauty of a round crib. Not only does it become the center of attraction in the room, it is a royal addition for  the royal addition to your family. 

It would also require you to shell out a handsome sum, so keep your budget front and center when you decide on something like this gorgeous canopy round crib.

Important Safety Note: If you decide to go ahead with a flowing canopy above, please read all the safety instructions to ensure your baby cannot reach the canopy or it will not billow into the crib.

4. Wood and Iron Options As Well.

Not only are there themed and exotic looks of these cribs, they are readily available in wood as well as iron. You also have the freedom to choose from various wood finishes such as White, Ivory, Natural and Cherry. Matching other furniture in the nursery to this crib will be a snap.

5. Round can be Convertible too.

Do you prefer the long-term benefits of convertible cribs yet yearn for something different. You can get them both…convertible cribs are available in the round shaped ones as well. Check out the Stokke Sleepi Junior Extension allows you to convert from crib to junior bed, for a longer lasting investment.

Round cribs are not easy to find nor are they easy on your pocket. But if you look around and do some research, you are sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and style. 

Round cribs are not just a beautiful addition to your nursery; they're a practical choice too. With their safety features, space-saving design, and cozy appeal, they're sure to be a hit with both you and your little one. So why not consider a round crib for your baby's first nest? After all, they deserve nothing but the best!

And from the testimonials I have read from parents, when they buy a round crib for their firstborn, they save it for the second one too. So if you are on baby one and considering growing your family in the future, this might be the crib for you since conversion to a big-kid bed is not such a priority for you.

As you can see, the round cribs give an exotic look and feel to your baby nursery. Do you plan to buy a round crib? Don't forget to upload a picture on our Facebook page and inspire others with your beautiful nursery.

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