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The 10 BEST BLACK PAINTS for Bedrooms (Plus 2 in the Nursery)

You have decided you want to add bring black in your bedroom (or nursery). How do you choose from the hundreds of 'black' paints out there? Follow my checklist of the best black paints; and shop my mood boards.

(We have included third party products with the goal to help you navigate the web easily so you can focus on what matters to you. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.)

Using black wall paint in a bedroom is a 'love-it' or 'hate-it' kind of situation. While black can be used to make a dramatic statement or one of subdued elegance; it can give a closed-in and suffocating feel to some. 

If you have decided to move forward with adding black to your bedroom  or even your baby nursery (and I will show you how); here are my top 10 + 2 BEST black paints out there.

Pin 1 for Best Black Paints

Choosing the perfect black wall paint color for a bedroom can be a stylish and impactful decision. Before you choose your color, however, you need to finalize how you plan to use it - are you painting an accent wall, painting trim and baseboards or going all in with painting the entire room black. 

Not sure? Check out these tips and ideas on using black in a bedroom.

1. Benjamin Moore's Black Beauty (BM 2128-10) - First on my List of Best Black Paints

Bedroom Wall Paint Benjamin Moore Black Beauty BM 2128-10

This is a beautiful deep black offering a bold statement . A rich saturated black that adds a sense of sophistication to the bedroom. Pair it with different warm colors such as browns, oranges and moss greens with creams or soft beiges to create a room that is inviting.

2. Sherwin Williams' Tricorn Black SW6258

This is a true black that provides a classic and timeless look for bedroom walls. Use it to create an accent wall or encompass the room in this color. Want more drama? Paint the ceiling in the same color.

3. Farrow and Ball's Off Black No.57

This is a beautiful shade if you are on the fence about adding black to your teenage bedroom design. A muted black with subtle undertones, Farrow and Ball's Off Black is a softer and more versatile option. Whether you decide to use it on furniture or create an accent wall, this color will elevate the look of the bedroom.

4. Behr's Cracked Pepper PPU18-01 - Color of the Year 2024

If you had any doubts at all about how black paint could elevate the look of a room, here's proof. While this is a list of best black paints, I think this room deserves the 'best black room' award. From crown moldings, to built-ins, to baseboards and window frames, the room is bathed in Behr's Color of the Year 2024 - Cracked Pepper.

And it seems to be all it's 'cracked' up to be. Gorgeous!

5. Dulux's Black Caviar SN4H9

If you are looking for drama; a room that makes everyone go 'WOW!', this is it. A deep and intense black that adds drama and elegance to bedroom walls. Pair it with soft, muted colors for a soothing effect or deeper colors for a mesmerizing one. Either ways, you cannot go wrong with this one.

6. Valspar's Victorian Dusk W34C

This paint reads midnight, inky blue-black. For those who love the idea of a deep, dark, intense wall paint, but don't want to go all-black, Valspar's Victorian Dusk is one of the best black paints for you.

Pair it with metallic golds, warm greys and sunshine yellow to add oomph to your teen room design.

7. PPG Paints' Napoleon PPG 1013-7

Don't want to go too dark? Then, Napoleon from PPG Paints is the perfect shade for you. Soft yet cool, this deep dark grey will create a teen room design that is sophisticated and understated. Pair it with board and batten or wainscoting to highlight the beauty of this shade.

Classic whites, creams and gold in your furniture and furnishings are the perfect balance to this strong yet gentle color.

8. Benjamin Moore's Onyx BM 2133-10

Take a second look around your room. Is there an architectural feature that you would like to make the focal point of the room? Using a really dark and deep black like Benjamin Moore's Onyx might be overpowering for an entire room, but as an accent wall, it certainly elevates the bedroom design.

Don't be afraid to add more color to the room. Think of your favorite black skirt (we all have at least one) - you can pair it with just any top in your closet for a chic and classic look. In the same way, adding another color to complement the black wall can be chic and classy. What is your second favorite color?

9. Sherwin Williams' Iron Ore SW 7069

Here is another dark grey that conveys a moodiness and a sense of focus. This is a room that invites you to sit and relax. Shades of copper and cognac are simply perfect and add to the drama of the room but in a muted soft tone . I love the play of light and dark based on how the light falls on the wall. 

There is a reason why Sherwin William's chose Iron Ore to be their Color of the Month March 2022!

If the mood seems too heavy in the room, consider painting the wainscoting a lighter color. Don't be afraid to experiment since paint is the easiest to change.

10. Kilz Magnolia Home's Pond Stone JG-140

Ok, so this might seem like cheating, since this is not a true black. But I absolutely love green and the green undertones in this black are absolutely pulling at my heart strings!

If going completely black in your teen bedroom design seems too much for you, Pond Stone might be a good compromise. Just as the name suggests, this room beckons you to sit, ponder and reflect. It is a color that soothes and calms you. It is a color that feels rich and full of character - exactly like your teen's personality.

Now that you have the list of my top 10 best black paints, let us discuss bringing black into your baby nursery. You can decide to do a black-and-white nursery or you can decide to add more color and drama. Both nurseries are gender-neutral...and there is a good reason for choosing the black paints that I did for my mood boards here.

Chic Baby Nursery in Black and White - Best Black Paints in the Nursery

Chic Baby Nursery in Black and White - Mood board 1

I have created a focal wall with beautiful wallpaper. I chose this leaf motif because I love the play of dark and light on it. The organic pattern feels light and airy. Instead of painting all the walls black, I have opted to use the paint as accents - use it as a circle to announce your baby's name and around the room as highlights. When the paint is intense, you want to use it to create drama.

The paint is Blackish from Clare. Why do I recommend this? Not only is it Zero VOC and Greenguard Gold Certified, it is WASHABLE and SCRUBBABLE ! Hallelujah! As moms,  we can truly appreciate what a blessing that is. For the rest of the walls, I would suggest your second choice of color - try Wing It or Seize the Grey from Clare's collection.

Balance with black nursery furniture.

Shop the Look - Chic Baby Nursery in Black and White

Paint: Blackish by Clare

Wallpaper : Leaf Motif 

Convertible Crib : from Storkcraft

Black Dresser with Gold Accents : Modern Dresser with Six Drawers

Area Rug : Hapsburg Moroccan Shag Rug

Black Shelf: Floating Shelves with bar (stops things from accidentally falling down 

Penguin Blanket: Checkered Gingham in black and white 

Laundry basket : Clothes hamper in neutral tones  

Charming Black-Gold-Green Baby Nursery

Baby Nursery in Black and Bright

Black is a wonderful backdrop for bright and cheerful colors. In this black-gold-green baby nursery, I have brought in a beautiful gold crib. Pair this with some key metallic gold pieces through lamps, chandeliers, gold art frames and more. The round sun rug is in happy colors. You want the colors in the baby nursery to stimulate but also to soothe.

Adding a bright color through the rug allows the baby to feel calm while sleeping but also stimulates their senses when they are awake and enjoying on the rug.

You will notice green accents in key places such as the recliner, art frame and artwork. Using the different, bright and muted colors in small doses will allow the black wall paint to invite without the overwhelm.

The paint I have used in this nursery, is from another eco-friendly, non-toxic color collection - ECOS paints' Vermeer Black. The best news is ECOS paints has an entire section for nursery paints. Check out their Lullaby collection.

Shop the Look - The Charming Black-Gold-Green Baby Nursery

Paint : Vermeer Black from ECOS

Crib : 3-in-1 Convertible Vintage Gold Metal Crib

Glider chair : Swivel Gilder Recliner in Forest Green

Pouf : Pouf Cover in Faux Leather

Round Rug : Sun Print Washable non-slip Rug

Baby Art : Hand-Foot print in Hunter Green frame

Love Art : Botanical Green Leaf Art - set of 4

Mirror : Gold Sun-burst Decorative Mirror

Crib Sheets : Buttery Soft Cotton Blend Crib Sheets

While black may not be the traditional choice for nurseries, it can be used in a sophisticated and stylish way. Here I have given you two very different nurseries, incorporating black with a modern and gender-neutral aesthetic. 

And there you have it. My top 10 best black paints that will make your teenager's bedroom come alive with personality, charm and depth of character. As well as my 2 favorites for baby nurseries.

Have you used black in your kids room design? Go onto my Facebook group and share it with the world.

Still on the fence about black in the bedroom? Check out these tips and ideas and see if they work for you.

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