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Fairy Decor - Enchanting Girl Bedroom Ideas

Fairy Decor Creates an Enchanting Girl Bedroom

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Fairies, and especially Tinkerbell, are another highly popular theme for girls.

Since angels and fairies are delicate and pretty with magical powers, it is perhaps an apt description of your tiny baby.

She has cast her spell on you...and you want to shout it from the rooftops (or at least from her nursery window!)

Popular themes do not imply boring or copycat girls bedroom ideas. You can mix and match products to create something truly unique. 

1. Where do I Flit?

Yes, we are talking about the furniture in the bedroom or nursery. There are two ways to shine your theme -

  1. Out of this world furniture pieces - like this Evolur Aurora Convertible Crib Set that comes complete with crib, dresser, changing tray and more. Keep the rest of the room furnishings simple except for a fairy mural or wall art.
  2. Captivating furnishings - if the furniture is simple and sturdy, the theme can shine through the furnishings; fairy bedding, rug, chandelier and others.

In either case, the wall needs uplifting through stencils, fairy forest mural or wall decals.

2. Sprinkle the Fairy Dust

I love decorations that are not apparent at once. Of course, the fairy bedding is an important part of showcasing the theme of the room. 

But think out of the box - fairy wings, unicorns, toadstools with windows. Stencil toadstools all over the room with windows in glow-in-the-dark paint. And see the glow reflected in your little angel's face!

3. Cherubic Lighting Sets the Mood

The lighting is a big part of the fairy decor or any theme you choose in the nursery or bedroom.

For the nursery or toddler room, a night light or soft light is a must. Not only does it chase the monsters away, it helps you change the diaper without disturbing your baby's sleep.

For older girls bedroom ideas, the lighting must include brighter light for studying. If she enjoys a good book before bed, a table lamp fitted at the right height for maximum effect is a must.

Fairy string lights also add a touch of the elusive magical quality to the room. You can string them along the wall, onto a plant, stuffed in Mason jars or as a canopy over your bed. 

4. Fairies on the Wall

Murals of a fairy forest, wall decals or fairy art work are a simple way to carry the theme throughout the room.

Stencil in a design (as we suggested with the toadstools) or stick the decals on the closet or night stand. Even take the theme to the bathroom through the art.

Buy fairy wings and hang a pair to a painted fairy on the wall (gives additional texture).

Small wings can be stuck above standard hooks - spray paint the hooks and the wings silver (or a color of your choice) for a more elegant look. In a teen room, this would be an ideal way to hang her many purses or jackets.

5. Tinkerbell Bedding and Decor

Disney has brought many fantasies to life and Tinkerbell is no exception. A sweet and imperfectly perfect fairy, Tinkerbell is the love of all little girls.

Find Tinkerbell bedding and other decor to create your very own fairy garden.

Whimsical themes such as angel or fairy include many mini themes within them. This allows the theme to grow with the child.

Most girls will be pleased with the fairy decor look for many years. But if your tween should later decide to change, the butterflies, enchanted garden or flowers used in the baby nursery will continue to intrigue her.

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