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Regal Room for a Little Princess

Add to the regal charm of a little princess bedroom

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Yes, it's true. To us our daughters are little princesses. We treat them like royalty and it breaks our hearts to say 'No!' to them.

I love the new versions of princesses who are not just beautiful but strong and independent.

Yes, that is the way I would love my daughter to be. Like Mulan or Tiana (of Princess and the Frog), I want my daughter to be a force to be reckoned with. 

The girls love these movies too. So creating a Princess bedroom would be a wonderful way to encompass beauty and strength in a regal setting.

Toddler Princess Mood BoardToddler Princess Mood Board

A Little Princess with Big Needs? 

The look you want will stand out only if you show it in select places. Your tiny baby does have big needs...but not frivolous ones. Do not blindly buy all princess bedroom items. It will make the baby girl nursery look overdone. Subdued and understated looks are more elegant and aesthetically appealing.

Liked something but not in budget.

Shopping for princess beds and princess bedding is very exciting. You will surely find some items that are just too cute to be ignored.

If they do not serve any purpose other than additional decoration, you need to seriously check your finances. Preferably, at the start of the budget planning, you should keep a certain amount aside for miscellaneous expenses.

Can this item be put in that category? If yes...yayy, go ahead and purchase it. If not, add it to your wish list and purchase it when you do finally save enough for it. A little princess who barely recognizes her surroundings, is not going to miss it just yet.

For older kids, there are some stunning royal children bed available for your selection.

Get Innovative.

Baby room themes are the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. Don’t limit your creativity to items that scream 'A Little Princess Bedroom'. Close your eyes and think of all the fairy-tale princesses you have read of. Think castles, fairy godmothers, gardens, maybe even a cute dwarf or two thrown in (Snow White?).

Summit Designs Disney Princess Inspirational Quotes

 Does the Princess Room Have to Be Pink?

No certainly not. Although most items related to this theme either show a little princess or her accessories in pink, there is no reason for you to surround the room in pink.

Green is a soothing color for babies and will be a perfect background for a garden with a castle mural on one wall.

Sprinkle a few flowers and butterflies in bright colors and throw in the pink princess beddings, photo frame, rug or chandelier to complete the look.

Sky blue is another color that would look wonderful when offset with pink princess bedding and white furniture. Stencil clouds for a more ethereal feel.

 Princess Beds Steal the Show.

Can a little princess sleep in an ordinary bed? Of course not. If budget permits, a Princess Carriage Toddler Bed or Disney Princess Toddler Bed with Canopy would make a wonderful addition to your princess bedroom.

If you are splurging on the bed, you should make it the focal point by mellowing down on the other items. You do not want a princess heavy room. 

Adding a giant mural of the disney princesses of your daughter's choice and a gorgeous delicate chandelier will complete the look.

 Create a Fantasy Princess Bedroom.

You don't have to go all out, though. Remember, your budget is a key factor here. 

You can create your own fancy princess bed.

Add a canopy to any regular bed for an instant opulent feel

Add/Paint a crown above the headboard.

Paint the wall area just behind the bed a different color - take it all the way to the ceiling!

 Waving the Magic Wand

There are so many themes for a little princess to choose from, that it can make your job much harder.

You need to Break It Down! Here is what we mean...

  • Do you want to choose a particular Disney Princess theme for the princess bedroom? 
  • If yes, your decor must stick to that princess. Like, if you choose Snow White, add the dwarfs or decorative pillows in yellow and blue (her gown color).
  • For Sleeping Beauty, find posters/prints of the three fairies, stencil fairy silhouettes or glass slippers for Cinderella. 
  • Instead of Disney Princesses, you could opt for Barbie Princess or Hello Kitty Princess.

Add glamour with this Cherry Blossom Wallpaper that will surely please her royal highness. Adding golden hues around the room will also make the room feel resplendent and regal.

Paint the words "...the fairest one of all" on the wall beside the mirror in her room.

Creating the perfect bedroom for a little princess is easy - sparkles and glitter around the room will soon be reflected in her eyes.

So go ahead, use our decorating ideas and tips to unleash your imagination. And if you need help decorating the room to suit your little princess' personality, reach out to me at

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