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7 Key Steps to The ideal teen bedroom furniture

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If you have come this far in your quest for teen beds and other furniture, I assume you have already gone through the steps we have outlined in our pages on Basic Rules, Teen Rooms and Kids Furniture.

Let us quickly recap the important points...
* Listen to your teen’s ideas with an open mind and note the various activities he plans to indulge in, in his room.

* Ask him to prepare a dream folder of the colors, themes and look he wants in the room. Remember that most kids have more than one hobby and interests. Having a list will help your teen decide which one he wants the room to portray.

* Set a budget and keep your teen informed and involved in the financial aspect of redecorating in the latest teen trends. Your teenager is on the threshold of adulthood. Introduce him to money is a lesson that will be an asset to him in the future.

Your Zone Flip Chair Racy Pink

Ready to pick out the teen bedroom furniture pieces? Let's go..

1. The Bed is the Focal Point of the Room

Of all the teen bedroom furniture, the bed is the biggest piece in the room. I know what you are thinking ('er...that is why it is called the BEDroom!!'). Choosing the right bed is not an easy decision.

First you need to decide whether you wish to go for a twin, full or queen size bed. This would depend on your teen’s frame (of course) and the size of the room.

Also keep in mind the other furniture pieces that you wish to add to the room and the kind of space they would take up.

2. There are Many Bed Styles to Choose from

Every teen, his needs and his room are unique. Find the right style of teen beds that will fit all three.

* Standard Beds – Once you have decided on the size of the bed, you have many more choices. You could go for wood, metal or upholstered beds.

There are many designs and styles to choose from. Keep in mind your teens personality and needs when deciding on the right one. 

* Loft Beds - If the room is small...or his other activities take up more space, a loft bed would be ideal.

It takes up less space and incorporates the study desk into the same area, freeing up the rest of the room for other social activities and teen bedroom furniture.

* Bunk Beds – Does he often invite friends for sleepovers? Bunk beds are a great way to accommodate the overnight friends and can serve as extra seating space for friends during the day too. This is also a good solution for teens sharing room as it provides some privacy to both siblings. Bunk beds are available in twin, full and a combination of the two.

* Bookcase Beds – For teens who require tons of storage space, consider beds that offer under bed drawers…or that allow a bookcase around the headboard.

These bookcase beds not only allow for extra storage in less space, they also provide your teen the feeling of complete privacy when sitting or reading in bed.

3. The Inevitable Study Desk and Chair

Studies are the all important activity in your teen's life. While you cannot make it disappear (though your teen sure wishes it) or even make it fun, you can make it comfortable enough for your teen to have one less excuse!

The study desk and chair become an important part of the teen bedroom furniture. Make sure the desk is large enough to accommodate his computer and its accessories as well as the inevitable pile of books. The chair should be comfortable to allow for the long hours of exam preparations without straining the back.

4. Extra Storage through Bookcase and Shelving

Industrial Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf

The most common complaint of parents is that their teens aren't organized. It is not enough to provide plenty of storage unless it is easily accessible too. Bookcases and Shelves are teen bedroom furniture must-haves.

The open racks of a bookcase allow your teen to shove his books and other study material off the study desk or his bed without much effort. Wall shelves are a great place for all those trophies, photo frames and other knick-knacks that are important to him. Shelves with pegs can save jackets and caps from being strewn around the room.

Tip: Use the theme of the room to create a shelving corner. For example, if he loves music...cut out the silhouette of a guitar and attach to the wall as background. Add shelves at random levels. It will make a great conversation piece among his friends. He will keep it clean too.

5. Dressing Up the Teenage Bedroom

Amazing Buys Willowton Bedroom Set

Have you met any teenager who is not totally engrossed in his or her looks? Teenagers are only just beginning to find themselves…and let's not forget peer pressure. The image is all important.

You will score big points with your teenager if his teen bedroom furniture boasts a dresser with mirror (for that quick look just as he leaves for school). Without the mirror too, the dresser can multi-function as a TV stand.

This is also an asset when your teen grows out of his bedroom and into his first apartment. To add an armoire or not is a personal decision based on whether his room has a closet or if he needs even more storage.

6. Extra Seating is a Must-have

Hanging Chair Light Up Macrame Hammock

Your teen spends a large part of her time within the confines of his bedroom. For times when he is not sleeping or studying, you need to cater to some extra and very comfortable seating.

A window bench, if possible, makes a convenient reading spot (and could also provide extra covered hide some of the messes). If he is into video games (and who isn't?) a comfy bean bag in front of the TV will be a favorite...or why not check out a video rocker?

And of course, you cannot forget all his friends who will require even more seating. A sleeper sofa or a futon works wonders in small spaces.

Tip: An innovation on teen bedroom furniture is the Futon Bunk. The futon works as extra seating during the day and can convert to a full bed in case of sleepovers, while the twin bed on top stays clean and off limits for everyone else.

7. Standing by the Night Stand

A bedside table or nightstand will provide extra storage space. Place a table lamp, cherished photographs, a telephone and definitely an alarm clock. Check out one that might have a drawer. This could hold books and magazines for your teen's reading in bed moments.

Much as we would love to provide our kids with all the worldly goods they need (and a whole lot that they do not), budget constraints are a reality for most parents. Choose wisely with one eye always on your finances. Keep in mind, priority (items that have to be bought first) and life of the item (is it something that he can carry to his dorm or his first apartment?)

The longer a teen bedroom furniture item can last, the less you will have to spend at a later date! The items that are low on the priority list can be bought later when some money frees up (you could save bit by bit every month till you have the necessary funds). In each circumstance keep your teen informed and involved...this should help avert unwanted tantrums or scenes.

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