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A Foolproof Guide to Using Black in Teenage Room Design

Most teenagers go through the 'I LOVE BLACK' phase and most parents fight it. Use my tips and ideas for a foolproof guide to adding black in your teenage room design. let's raise the white flag on black bedroom war!

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Actually when you think about it, black is a very elegant color and is a classic in your wardrobe - the quintessential black dress always wows at the party. You can pair just about any top with black pants. Black front doors and window frames are very much on trend.

Why then do we get so upset when our teenagers get obsessed with black? I think it might be because we feel it could lead to dark thoughts. Paired with young minds and raging hormones, we parents can get a little paranoid about the black.

Keep in mind, when it comes to designing a teenager's room, incorporating bold and stylish elements can make a significant impact. Let's explore tips and ideas for creating a chic and sophisticated teenager's room with a touch (or a lot) of black.

How to Use Black in Teenage Bedroom Design

My daughter went through the phase too. There was a time when she would only wear black - and as if that was not enough, she loved it with (horror of horrors) SKULLS ! Yes, she even made me paint her a skull with cats on it. Her favorite hoodie was black with skulls and blood (Thank you Halloween!) and she wore it all the time.

Whether it was because I always supported her or because that's just how teenagers' develop, she eventually left that interest behind. Phew!!

It is so important that we always support and communicate clearly with our children. Allowing them to grow on their terms and make mistakes to learn from, is an essential parenting skill. But that's a different topic for a different blog post.

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1. The Different Shades of Black

Black is not just black anymore. Just as white can have cool or warm tones, black too can be warm or cool. Before you go picking out your paint color, there are 3 important points to look at.

Check the light in the room. Are there large windows bringing tons of natural light in the room? Or is the room already dark to start with?

How big is the room? Will the black make is look smaller or will it look cozier? 

What is the vibe your teenager is going for? Are you looking for a dramatic teen bedroom or an elegant and sophisticate bedroom? As always, think function first. The room should reflect your teen's personality and function per their interests.

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As mom of teenagers myself, I can totally relate to your need for some time to relax and reflect. Teenagers truly know how to push our buttons. So give yourself some grace; accept your feelings in the moment; walk into your sanctuary and away from the mayhem outside; so you can jump back in refreshed. This guide is for you, dear mom. You soooo deserve this.

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2. Create Interest with Textured Black Accent Wall

If your teenager insists on an entire room painted black, create an accent wall with added texture. This allows the eye to break away from a monotonous view so it doesn't give black-hole vibes.

In the picture above, the nightstands, the dresser and even the drapes are all black. Why did you not notice them at once? Because they blend in. This can give a feeling of a larger space instead of the dark walls closing in on you.

You have to agree that this is a beautiful space and not the black nightmare you had envisioned.

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3. Balancing Darkness with Light Colors - adding black in teenage room design

To avoid an overly dark ambiance, pair black with lighter colors. Consider incorporating white, gray, or pastel shades in bedding, furniture, or decor. This creates a visually appealing contrast and ensures the room remains well-balanced.

As you know, black pants can be paired with a top in just about any color. Ask your teen what their second favorite color is and incorporate that color into the room through furnishings - art, pillow, rug, chair or bedding.

Bringing black in teenage room design is easier than you realize.

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4. Black Furniture for a Modern Teenage Room

Introduce black through stylish furniture and accessories; opt for black bed frames, desks, or shelving units to add a modern and sophisticated touch to the room. Black metal or wooden furniture can enhance the overall aesthetic.

When paired with a grey wall, the overall look is still black but infused with more interest and character.

5. Pair the Black Bedroom with Metallic Accents

Think jewelry. What would you pair with your gorgeous black dress? 

Adding metallic accents to the room will enhance the glamor and elegance of your teenage bedroom design. You can do this through lamps and chandeliers, knobs on the dresser and nightstand, frame on the artwork and much more.

Experiment with the balance of black and contrasting colors to achieve a modern and chic teenage retreat.

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6. Need More Ideas? How about 50?

There are many ways to bring black into your teenager's bedroom without painting all the walls black. Use these tips alone or combine them to create your own unique teenage retreat.

  1. Accent Wall: Consider a black accent wall for a bold statement.
  2. Contrast with White: Pair black with white for a classic and clean look.
  3. Lighting Fixtures: Opt for black light fixtures to add a touch of elegance.
  4. Furniture Frames: Choose black frames for beds and other furniture pieces.
  5. Metallic Accents: Integrate gold or silver accents for a glamorous vibe.
  6. Textured Fabrics: Use black textured fabrics for added depth.
  7. Bold Bedding: Incorporate black bedding for a focal point in the room.
  8. Floor Rugs: Add a black rug to anchor the space and add warmth.
  9. Wall Decals: Use black wall decals for a personalized touch.
  10. Patterned Pillows: Include black-patterned throw pillows for visual interest.
  11. Artwork Frames: Frame posters and artwork with black frames.
  12. Curtains and Drapes: Choose black curtains for a cohesive look.
  13. Mix with Neutrals: Combine black with neutral tones for balance.
  14. Geometric Designs: Experiment with black geometric patterns.
  15. Desk Accessories: Opt for black desk organizers and accessories.
  16. DIY Wall Art: Create DIY wall art with black elements.
  17. Gallery Wall: Build a gallery wall with black-framed photos.
  18. Storage Bins: Use black storage bins for a clutter-free space.
  19. Mirrors with Black Frames: Choose mirrors with black frames for style.
  20. Ceiling Accents: Consider black ceiling accents for a unique touch.
  21. Bedside Lamps: Use black bedside lamps for functional decor.
  22. Chalkboard Wall: Transform a wall into a chalkboard for creativity.
  23. Stripes and Lines: Experiment with black stripes or lines in decor.
  24. Hanging Chairs: Opt for black hanging chairs for a trendy look.
  25. Floating Shelves: Install black floating shelves for display and storage.
  26. Monochrome Artwork: Create monochrome artwork for a cohesive theme.
  27. Accent Chairs: Add black accent chairs for seating with flair.
  28. Teenager's Artwork Display: Showcase a teenager's artwork in black frames.
  29. String Lights: Use black string lights for a cozy atmosphere.
  30. Quirky Clocks: Install black quirky clocks for functional decor.
  31. Bold Wall Clock: Choose a large black wall clock as a statement piece.
  32. Basket Storage: Use black baskets for stylish storage solutions.
  33. DIY Wall Murals: Create DIY black wall murals for a personal touch.
  34. Neon Signs: Integrate black-framed neon signs for a cool vibe.
  35. Bookshelf Backing: Paint bookshelf backing in black for contrast.
  36. Bold Bedside Tables: Opt for black bedside tables for a modern look.
  37. Monogram Wall Art: Personalize with black monogram wall art.
  38. Desk Wall Grid: Create an organized desk wall grid in black.
  39. Tapestry Accents: Hang black tapestries for a bohemian touch.
  40. Chic Black Dresser: Choose a chic black dresser for storage.
  41. Desk Chairs: Pick stylish black desk chairs for comfort.
  42. String Art: Create black string art for a unique wall display.
  43. Shelving Units: Install black shelving units for display and storage.
  44. Framed Quotes: Frame inspirational quotes in black frames.
  45. Ceiling Fan Blades: Choose black ceiling fan blades for a sleek look.
  46. Bulletin Boards: Use black bulletin boards for organization.
  47. Metal Wall Sculptures: Incorporate black metal wall sculptures.
  48. Headboard Design: Opt for a black headboard design for impact.
  49. Funky Wall Hooks: Install black funky wall hooks for organization.
  50. Personalized Posters: Create personalized black posters for the room.

Teenage Girl Bedroom with Black and Purple Accent WallMy daughter's accent wall in Black and Purple

When she finally got a room of her own, my daughter too started out with "I want black walls." We discussed the pros and cons, she lived with her room for a few weeks, and then decided (SHE decided. That is important to note.) that she wanted an accent wall with black and purple. This is what her accent wall looks like.

Adding black in teenage room design need not be something to hyperventilate about. Remember to always support your child especially during the teen years. Paint is easy to change; room makeovers can be a snap; your child's feelings and emotions are hard to understand and repair if not attended to. Always look at the BIG picture.

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