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Choose your dorm room bedding with care. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room and sleep is going to be your best friend. 

The best way to bring your theme or color scheme to life and make a statement about yourself, is through the dorm room bedding you choose. Luckily, there are a ton of choices out there.

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Are you setting off on your very first independent adventure into the land of dorm?

Soooo exciting!

Even more fun than the actual dorm life, is the anticipation of it; the dreaming of all the adventures the future holds. Shopping for all the stuff on your college checklist just makes it all seem so real. Right?

Dorm Room Bedding - How to Shop for College bedding

The most thrilling part, second only to the actual moving in to the dorm, is deciding on the dorm room decor. Have you decided on your theme or color scheme?

Are you going for a sober and elegant feel or more wild and colorful one? Have you spoken to your roomie-to-be on how you will jointly decorate the space?

Your room might be small but it has many different purposes to serve. This is where you will socialize; where you will eat; where you will study; and where you will sleep.

With all your belongings contained in this small space, which you will also have to share with another, organizing your stuff will be a challenge.

1. Time tested neutral dorm room bedding

The simplest way to choose the theme/color scheme of your dorm room is to base it on your college dorm room bedding.

So, if you were to choose this neutral glacier grey dorm room bedding - you can make it pop with different colors through rug, pillows, lamps etc. 

Dorm Room Bedding - Adding Color to your Drab Dorm Room

Dog pillow

Word pillow

Pink Lamp

Blue Lamp




Bulletin board

  1. Add a colorful rug with a traditional or contemporary feel whichever speaks to you.
  2. Find a wall mirror in the design you like. Add a shelf with hooks under or next to the mirror. This will give you storage for quick use such as hair brush or cosmetics and place to hang your backpack or purse. Everything is close at hand. Paint the frame a for an additional pop of color! 
  3. In the same way, pick up photo frames in different styles and spray paint some black and white designs (use stencils) and any color you desire.
  4. Find a wall poster that defines an interest or hobby you enjoy.
  5. Splurge on pillows with cute words or fun designs.

    And lo! Your very special dorm room is ready for you to move in!

2. Bring Color Through the Dorm Bedding

Bright and warm colors in your dorm bedding will instantly lighten the mood of the room. It's like capturing sunshine for all time. 

In this instance, you will need to tone down all other colors. There are two ways to decorate with this. You can either let the warm yellow take center stage. Keep your rug and other accessories in neutral shades of cream or grey and add a little more pop with pure black. 

Or, choose one other color for a two-tone color scheme, say mint or sky blue (if you like bold colors, turquoise would work amazingly with this yellow). Be sure you don't overdo the colors though. 

So if you have photo frames - paint the frame bright yellow and add a saying/phrase in blue or keep one frame yellow and one frame blue, while all the others can be white.

I will be creating design boards with these ideas and you can find out all about them when you join my Facebook Group. I will be posting updates there soon.

3. Make a Bold Statement with a Themed Dorm Bedding

Dorm Room Mood board - Paris et Moi Mood board for Dorm Room

Paris Bedding

Plush Rug


Art 2

Desk Lamp

Laundry basket

Fairy Lights


Paris, je t'aime!

If you love something, go ahead and show your love. Tone it down with pieces in coordinating colors without a picture, like the shag rug above highlights the pink in the art and the bedding, but doesn't scream PARIS!!! Add black accents if you want to further tone down the pink or embrace it and pinkify your dorm room.

Consider adding a headboard, which will also give you a soft place to rest your back in bed. If you are lofting the bed to add storage under, a long bed skirt will keep it from looking messy.

Remember to buy extra sheets, pillow covers and duvet covers for when laundry days get delayed.

I will be creating a few different themes for you to choose or get inspiration from. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, so you can grab it as soon as it is out.

Do you have a theme or color scheme in mind for your dorm room? Look for the dorm bedding that most inspires you and design your room around it.

I am currently working on some great freebies and a host of other resources to help you get all your dorm room decorating questions answered right here. These will be available through links sent out in my newsletter.  Sign up to my newsletter, Richa's Nook

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  • My personal touch of Dorm Room Creative Collections (along with some of the best resources available today)
  • A Facebook group for you to ask questions, offer ideas, rave about your dorm room, and more.

Now that you have chosen the college dorm bedding of your choice, you are ready to go ahead with the rest of the decor.

Many of us are afraid of making a decorating mistake. And so we often stick to tried and tested themes and schemes or even buy coordinated stuff (many such options available online).

However, we are of the opinion that you are too unique to settle for this. This is a perfect time for you to explore all your different interests. Change your decor every year (it is not too expensive) so when you are ready to move into your own home, you will know exactly what you want.

We hope you have been inspired to be creative. Even check out your dad's garage or mom's attic for any treasures lying there unnoticed. Keep checking our facebook page for regular updates of simple diy decorating ideas.

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