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The Dorm Furniture is already in, so what else would you need to buy? 

Most dorm rooms come with the standard dorm furniture pieces - a Twin XL bed and desk. That is enough to live with but certainly not enough to bring a feeling of home. Let's explore what else you would need in this space.

Last updated: May 2021

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Furniture companies go ga-ga over dorm room furniture right about summer time. Funky and fancy compete with contemporary and understated as dormward bound teenagers desperately seek to create their style.

The eternal question being - "Should I merge in or stand out?"

The fun part of dorm room decorating (and an integral part of dorm life) is that you can change your style every year maybe even every six months. This is your time to experiment - find yourself.

Dorm Furniture

But that is restricted to accessories. When it comes to the furniture, you have to look for long-lasting items.

Whether you opt for a dorm loft bed or a headboard covered in color coordinated fabric; try to find pieces that will go beyond the dorm and can be incorporated in your own apartment after college.

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You don't have to buy big ticket items. Most colleges do provide all the basic dorm room furniture. If you don't like their plain looks but don't want to purchase new ones; try to updo them.

Most wall decals easily adhere to furniture as well. This would be a great way to carry the theme of your decor off the wall and into the rest of the room. How about this gorgeous wall sticker for your dorm door? It is sure to make you smile every morning!

Do you have a theme or color scheme in mind for your dorm room? Look for the dorm bedding that most inspires you and design your room around it.

Related: See how we pull different bedding solutions to create specific dorm designs.

Do you have a theme or color scheme in mind for your dorm room? Look for the dorm bedding that most inspires you and design your room around it.

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You can change the knobs of the dresser or drawers for a chic look. Just remember to keep the original drawer knobs safe; to be returned at the end of college.

You could also look for cheap dorm furniture from consignment stores, yard sales and graduates leaving college and moving out of the dorm.

College dorm loft beds are big space savers. Although the initial cost can seem a lot, splurging on this one big item might be worth it. Sometimes, the college might agree to loft the dorm beds too, so check before you buy.

Room Dividers and Lap desks are some of our favorites in the dorm decorating department. Room dividers can be used to create visual division of private space between dorm-mates. They could also be used to cover open closet space for a neater look.

Lap desks also help save space, especially if you can push them under your bed when they are not in use.

Here are some dorm furniture ideas to help you find your unique style.

1. Extra Seating

You can never have enough seating. Find a chair in the color of your choice and make it a central point of the room. A light and airy color like this aqua-wind will surely brighten up your room and the faux fur will keep the room looking cozy and comfy.

2. Extra Extra Seating

If you are able to loft your bed, this opens up the floor for even more seating. This cozy futon is a good size for a college dorm and can double for sleeping too.

3. Night stands

To put down a book you were reading before bed, keep your watch and phone, hold your glasses or add lighting when you are in bed...the nightstand is a very useful piece of furniture.

3. Rolling carts and storage boxes

You want to maximize the small space, so any storage options that also provide character to the room are very welcome. You can also check out this trendy ladder bookcase to add to your dorm furniture list.

4. More shelves...give me more!!

A great way to keep all your food and related items together is with this ultra-functional shelving unit. I would even say this is a must-have on your college dorm list. Makes the room look well put together.

5. Desk Top Shelving

A hutch on your desk makes so much more sense. When your floor space is limited, you want to go vertical on your storage. Decorate it beautifully with a removable wall paper above the desk for some extra oomph factor.

6. Classy Headboards

Headboards are an easy way to add class to a drab dorm room. It doesn't take up any extra room in your tiny space and gives the bed a more finished look.

7. Room Divider

If you have an open closet or any area that you want to hide, a room divider is the answer. It is also a great option to help give the look of more than one room.

A key point in any decorating project is to know the dimensions of the room you are working on. Get the correct dimensions along with the placement of windows and doors, so you can be sure that the furniture you have purchased can actually fit the space.

Also, figure out how you would carry it from the street to the room - how many flights up do you need to carry; are there difficult turns on the stairs; and the width of the doors.

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