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Hello and Welcome to LushBerry Interiors.

We are a residential interior design firm based in Westborough MA; serving all Westborough, Shrewsbury, Northborough and surrounding areas. We help busy families and individuals like you, by offering environment friendly options to create happy and healthy baby nurseries and kid's rooms that showcases their unique personality.

LushBerry Interiors - Nurseries and Kids Rooms

 Our Packages

90 minute design consultation

e-design services

DIY Designer Courses

Full room makeover (Westborough MA  and surrounding areas only)

What To Expect From Us

Every room deserves to be loved and every space needs to be nurtured. 

LushBerry Interiors is here to help.

As a home-owner (or renter), you want to create a home that is warm, welcoming, healthy and makes your guests go 'Ooooh!'. You look up several design sites and find some amazing ideas. How do you filter these down to ones that are practical, functional and yet reflect your personal style?

You know what furniture pieces you want in the room, but how do you choose from the millions of options both online and in stores? Is a solid wood dresser better than one with veneer? Should you opt for a storage bed or one with an upholstered headboard?

Have you bought a piece of furniture only to find it doesn't fit through the door? Or an artwork that is too small for the space? Balance and proportion, a proper floor plan and an organized functional room is what you are looking for.

In your daughter's room - she loves the pink zebra theme but you think the shocking pink might be a bit too much and worry that she might tire of it in a few months. How do you balance your child's fantasies with your budget practicalities?

This is where a professional interior designer can bring a wealth of advantage. Let LushBerry Interiors do all the work for you. 

In our initial conversations, I make note of all the little details that you are particular about. An open mind and an attentive ear are key to creating a room that functions well...and provides that special bit of whimsy to take a room from just another bedroom to one that is unique to its occupant.

Floorplans, color scheme guides, furniture and furnishings buying suggestions, window treatments, wall art, rugs and accessories - I leave no stone un-turned. 

Your budget is our priority. I also keep my hand on the pulse of the design world. Special deals or upcoming sales for the pieces you show an interest in, will be communicated to you so your budget can stretch...and maybe accommodate that expensive but oh-so-cool dresser your daughter had her eye on!

I keep an open and transparent communication through the entire process.

Design Services

We offer a myriad range of Design services from quick consultations to design dilemmas. 

Whether you would like a 90 minute consultation to help you understand your design style, figure out a color scheme or select furniture and accessories for a room re-design...OR

You want the full fledged room makeover services (for local clients only) to make-over one or multiple kid's rooms.

We also offer e-design services to clients who would like an on-hand designer and yet have the flexibility to purchase items yourself at a pace convenient to you.

Simply send us a note at LushBerry Interiors {}. I read every email and try to answer within 48 hours. I do not, typically, work over the weekend, but there may be exceptions.

 Why LushBerry Interiors

Since 2009, I have been researching and bringing you a wealth of information on decorating baby nurseries and children's rooms. This has given me great insight into the practical, the whimsical and the safety issues that are ever important but not limited to the little ones' rooms.

Backing up this information is a Certification in Interior Designing. The course allowed me to grow my understanding of the core concepts of Interior Designing - the importance of function, mood and harmony - that is key to a successful design.

Add to the information and knowledge, a healthy dose of practical experience. Working with customers, helping them figure out their color preferences, their style preferences and their budgetary allowances, helped me better understand how to listen to clients to serve them best.

All these components illuminated to me, my intense love of color and passion for all things home design, so I decided to focus all my energy in this direction.

LushBerry Interiors is an Interior Design studio that specializes in designing for happy and healthy baby nurseries and kid's rooms. We want each room to showcase the vibrant and playful occupant(s) of the room.

Feel free to write to me with any problem, question or guidance you require.

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