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While looking for kids carpets, check out other kid friendly flooring ideas

From the very moment your baby begins to sit up, his interaction with the floor starts. The floor has to perform many functions at once.

It has to bear the brunt of spills, stains and those early ‘accidents’. It has to cushion the falls and tumbles of your bundle of energy.

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It is your child’s playground, from racing cars to scribbles and ‘art’ projects. It’s most important task, however, is to do all of these while still maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your precious baby.

Kids Carpets - carpet tiles

You need to consider two aspects of the floors – the type of flooring in the room and the area rugs that will add the color and stimulation. Let us discuss the kids carpets and other kid friendly flooring ideas here.

1. Kids Carpets or ...

The flooring need in your child’s room is very different from the rest of the house as it takes a lot more wear and tear. Keep in mind your child’s age and personality when choosing the floors.

A child who loves to quietly sit and check out the books has different flooring needs as opposed to the one who is more physically active. Interesting carpet patterns are available to suit your child’s personality.

2. Budget Each Option.

If your budget permits, you could consider wall-to-wall kids carpets for those initial years to cushion your baby’s wobbly standing up efforts…and later take it away when he reaches the ‘accident’ prone spills and stains age.

If re-carpeting is not a suitable option, consider rugs or carpet tiles instead. You should also budget the maintenance expense. While carpeting is desirable for its soft cushioning, it is also home to dust mites and other germs. Do you have the time and money to clean the carpets properly?

Kids Carpets - combine wood and area rugs

3. Carpets vs Wood Floors.

It is an eternal debate between which is better.

Most parents are afraid the wood floors will be too hard for the baby and poor protection (if any) against falls and tumbles. On the other hand, kids carpets are difficult to maintain.

The obvious danger of dust mites raises health issues that concern the parents.

A popular combination is warming up the wood flooring with kid or nursery rugs. But there are even more options available today. Do your research before you settle for the one for you.

4. Bamboo Flooring, Cork Flooring or Linoleum Flooring.

The new age of flooring has revealed options of bamboo, cork or linoleum flooring. These floors are easier to clean than carpet and are not as hard as wood.

This makes them a happy alternative in the kids’ rooms. Bamboo, Cork and Linoleum offer another advantage – they are very environment friendly.
Kids Carpets - green flooring

5. Painting the Floor.

The latest trend in flooring is to paint the floors, just as you would the walls. Painting the floors covers damaged surfaces. Latex paint has a resilient finish and allows the surface to breathe. It also works well in damp climates.

This allows you an additional room décor feature. You could paint interesting unique kids carpets onto the floor using different colors and patterns.

6. Green Flooring Ideas.

Not the color, of course, but what it represents. We are returning to Nature and natural habitats in more areas of our lives today.

Flooring manufacturers do not consider only the material used but also its aftereffects. Ask for floors that have low VOCs to help reduce the amount of toxins in the home.

Look for recycled carpets, renewable bamboo and sustainable cork.

7. Give Back to Nature.

It is a good idea to have eco-friendly flooring in your home. But you can give back to nature in more ways than one.

Check your local community for companies that recycle old products. Dispose of your old carpet to a company that can recycle it into new products.

8. Carpet Tiles

Mix and Match. The latest innovation in carpeting is carpet tiles. Find tiles in different colors and patterns to create your own unique kids carpets. Remember to buy a few extra tiles.

This way if any tile is damaged, you can easily replace it without worrying whether the same color or pattern might still be available. This also reduces your cost, as you would not need to change the entire carpet.

Wall to wall carpeting - bamboo floors - cork floors - wood floors - linoleum floors - green floors - carpet tiles.

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