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Designing a room that allows your child to grow, to thrive and to flourish in environment friendly and safe surroundings; is the passion that fuels me.

Baby Nursery and Kids Interior DesignInto the Clouds We Go - Shared Bedroom for Kids

Creating a Picture Perfect Baby Nursery or Kids Room...

"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away..."

Magical words.

Words of fantasy and mystique that conjure places and beings as fantastic and wild as your imagination.

Looking at the world through a child's eyes is like watching a little slice of heaven.

A tiny squiggle is magically transformed into a Masterpiece. A mismatched pair of socks becomes a personality statement. A gap-toothed smiling picture is an adorable keepsake.

The imagination of our children is pure and absolute. A big block of Legos is a birthday cake. An empty cardboard box is an adventure-filled pirate ship. 

The living room suddenly transforms into green meadows with gentle breezes as your daughter lays out her picnic basket.

Our attempts to decorate kids bedrooms are simply a gesture to capture these magical moments.

Snuggle Corner in Teen RoomSnuggle In
Starry Night Girls RoomStarry Night
State of the Art Teen Girl RoomStatement Artwork

Why Is It So Important To Decorate Kids Rooms?

I have been immersed in the world of interior designing since 2009. And from the very beginning, decorating ideas for kids rooms and baby nurseries have fascinated me. 

It could be that my children were very young and I wanted to give them a magical space of their own. I remember them crawling off their beds - giant crocodiles slithering back into the water (the floor) to come and get a bite of me. I remember maneuvering through a minefield of Legos scattered as they created dragons, castles and birthday cakes. I remember spending hours creating a large wall art with Washi tape (I didn't know any better). 

But just as importantly, I realized what did or did not work for me as a mom. The importance of creating a safe home; of having adequate toy storage; of an organized closet space; of zones within the room for all their different activities and figuring out the best layout to maximize functionality of the room.

If you are struggling with these design dilemmas, know that you are not alone; and know that it doesn't have to be that way. This is why I have made designing and decorating baby nurseries and kids rooms my mission.


As I continue on this journey to create and design unique rooms for children of all ages - from infant to teens - kind words and reviews help me serve and improve.

"We connected with LushBerry and Richa regarding a plan and some ideas for my 10 year old son's room. Richa had asked about my son, his preferences, and what he enjoys. After taking the details into account, she provided suggestions, a plan, and active links to purchase items in the room. I'm blown away by her design!!! She hit the target from the beginning. I'm excitedly working on the details now.! Thank you to Richa dn LushBerry Interiors" - Lorraine Rodriguez

"Richa Sinha loves what she does and it shows. She truly listens to her clients and gives easy solutions that can make a big difference. She has talent and can turn a dull, boring room into a cozy, fun, creative space. I highly recommend LushBerry Interiors." - Heaven Yaffee

LushBerry Interiors is for you if...

  • You are expecting and want to get started on a beautiful baby nursery but the choices overwhelm you. You need guidance on which way to go.
  • You want to give your kids' room a makeover. Changing from nursery to big kid room or from toddler to teenager room.
  • You want your child to have a magazine worthy room and yet stay within budget. The decorating industry can be tricky to navigate.
  • You want to create a unique look and are not afraid to go diy as long as you get the right instructions.
  • You don't have a creative bone in your body and need inspiration, a mood board, a floor plan and shopping guides.

Ready to Begin Your Design Project?

Whether you want full service design, virtual e-design or just a design consultation to nudge you in the right direction, I have you covered!

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