Why are decorating ideas for your child's room important?

Before we delve into the HOW, it is important to understand the WHY

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You must have heard time and again that your home should be a reflection of your personality. 

By that extension, don't you agree that your child's room should reflect their personality? It should be a place that showcases their likes, their favorites and their potential.


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 8 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Kid's Room...

1>> A Feeling of Ownership: Your child feels that he/she has their own special place. It is a space that completely belongs to them; where they can be free to be themselves.

2>> An Expression of Their Identity: Figuring out how they want to decorate their room, helps them define and identify their personal style.  As they grow, their styles will change and grow along with them. This can be an exciting journey for both you and your child.

3>> Pride = Clean Room: When they have a place to call their own, they will take pains to keep it clean and organized. Do I hear a loud 'yessss' from you?

4>> Their Opinions Matter: It is a positive way to make your child feel that their opinions are important and are taken into account. That this is their home too and they have a say in what goes.

5>> You Better Understand Them: It is true that parenting comes with no manual. Decorating their room with them is a way to bond with them and help you better understand them. This goes a long way in maintaining a loving and positive relationship.

6>> Discover Their Full Potential: Decorating a room may sometimes feel like a frivolous and unnecessary act. But the truth is that this can actually work like therapy, allowing your child to unleash their full potential. Whether your child is high energy with boundless enthusiasm or shy and retiring, a room that speaks to them allows them to accept themselves and to be their best versions.

7>> Keeps Them Safe: You might not have considered this when thinking about decorating their room. When you decorate with your little one in mind, you will realize many different safety issues you need to deal with. Loose cords, unblocked electrical outlets, wobbly lamps or dressers will all be taken care of. All because you put in some thought in decorating your kids room.

8>> Ensures Enough Storage: Since you are on this website, you already know what I am talking about. A well thought out and intelligently decorated room will ensure that not only does your child have enough storage, but is within easy reach so he can clean it up himself.

"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away..."

Magical words.

Words of fantasy and mystique that conjure places and beings as fantastic and wild as your imagination.

Looking at the world through a child's eyes is like watching a little slice of heaven.

A tiny squiggle is magically transformed into a Masterpiece. A mismatched pair of socks becomes a personality statement. A gap-toothed smiling picture is an adorable keepsake.

The imagination of our children is pure and absolute. A big block of Legos is a birthday cake. An empty cardboard box is an adventure-filled pirate ship. 

The living room suddenly transforms into green meadows with gentle breezes as your daughter lays out her picnic basket.

Our attempts to decorate kids bedrooms are simply a gesture to capture these magical moments.

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