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Inspiring Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

The most difficult part of any project is Getting Started.

You already know, somewhat, how you want the nursery to look. You have some vague ideas on the things that you could do. Perhaps you want to add some personal diy decorations in the boys rooms. Yet, you are having trouble with the actual doing…right?

Tip: Although this page is created with a focus on nurseries, you can use the steps described here for re-decorating older boys rooms as well.

Are you worried that in the end it might be a design disaster?  That might be a good feeling. Somewhat like the butterflies in your stomach before a stage performance. We are here to inspire you as you create your own baby boy nursery.

How to start on your Baby Boy Nursery?How to start on your Baby Boy Nursery?

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Do you have your vision board all done and ready? You've been planning this happy event in your head for the longest time!

Ready to start the To-Do List? After we make the list we will start with the baby boy nursery ideas you have collected.  It is important that you complete each step before moving to the next.

Step 1: Sit quietly and listen to your thoughts.

Yes, that's right.

Before you even begin the entire exciting yet exhausting process of decorating your baby's nursery, go to the room...sit quietly and ...listen to your thoughts.

Imagine all the things that you hope to be doing in this room - singing lullabies, changing dirty diapers, just staring at this little miracle of Nature.

What is the mood you think of ? Vibrant with bright colors, serene with pastels, stark in black and white?

Monochrome Baby Boy NurseryMonochrome Baby Boy Nursery

Step 2: Agree upon a theme/color scheme.

This doesn't have to be your absolute final, but more of a jump start.

Go through your dream folder. Select the top 3 favorites (they can be a mix of theme and color). Keep an open mind. If your spouse is equally interested, ask his/her opinion in making the cut. Once you have separated the top 3, you need to go by your instinct.

Sometimes we get excited about one particular thing in a design. Perhaps you liked the artwork in one or the bedding in another. Check online for color options.

Sometimes a design is available in more than one color scheme. Is the bedding you like available in the colors of the other theme?

Maybe you like a wallpaper but it doesn’t match the color scheme you prefer. Again, online stores are a big help as you can see all your options within minutes. You might also decide to paint the picture frames or nursery furniture designs to incorporate your chosen theme or color scheme.

We will get to that later. Right now you need to close your eyes and visualize each of the Top 3 designs and find the one that YOU feel most comfortable in.

Found it? Let us move onto the next step.

Step 3: Must-Haves and Want-to-Haves

Baby nursery furniture comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and even items. You need to know the size of your baby boy nursery before you start shopping.

Although this nursery is originally for a baby girl, with a few tweaks, it could work beautifully as a baby boy nursery too. I especially love the layers of rug - so much texture!

·         How many furniture items can be put in without crowding the room?

·         The type of floor and what sort of rug (if any) is required.

·         How much sunlight do you get during the day (summer/winter)?

·         What is the noise level in the room (main road outside his window)?

·         How much built in storage?

We are now ready to write our shopping list. This should be a three way list...Must-Haves; Want-to-Haves, Price.

This is your very first list - put everything in it. Eliminating happens later - that would be the "Purge or Splurge" stage.

Step 4: Budget Check for Shopping List

With the three way list in your hand, you already know the prices of all the items.

First add up the total of your must-haves. Does this fit your budget?

If you have surplus funds, you can add some want-to-haves. If it is just right or more, see if you can cut costs somewhere, like finding a dresser at a yard sale or consignment shop.

Don’t worry if the look is not right. Remember, you can change the color and add fancy drawer knobs to get your baby boy nursery theme colors. 

And cutting costs can save up some money for the just-4-funs

Also remember, the themed must-have items are costlier than regular ones. For example, this forest themed dresser costs over $1000, instead buy a regular 6 drawer dresser  and apply this silhouette wall decal to it or fix any of these vintage animal drawer knobs to complete the theme in less than $500.00!!

Tip: Remember to add in the cost of shipping and taxes when you are finalizing prices.

Step 5: DIY While You Wait

Once you are one shopping for your baby boy nursery, you might have a long wait before all items reach you. Fill your time with some fun diy projects for the baby’s room.

Knitting tiny booties and shopping for onesies are super exciting, but there is more that you can do. Check out some diy activities that suit you. Here is a glimpse of some boy nursery ideas you can create.

  • Buy square tiles from your local arts and crafts store and paint your boys initials or name.
  • Get a stencil of the theme (like stars) or create your own and go crazy stenciling the room.
  • Create a focal wall with colorful cardstock – stick the squares  firmly and write one alphabet on every other square.
  • Buy paper lanterns and some peel and stick stickers. Decorate and hang!

There is no limit to what you can do…and you don’t have to be super talented to do it…or need loads of time either. And the satisfaction of seeing it in your baby boys rooms is reward in itself.

Your baby boy nursery is now all set and eagerly awaiting its important occupant!

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