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Kids Room Design - Toddler and Baby Room Decor

Key Tips for Creating Safe Kids Room Design

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Your little baby is now ‘toddling’ all around the house. You have your hands full with potty training; keeping curious fingers out of unsafe holes and swiveling doors, his many demands as he learns new words everyday…and you discover you have another baby on the way!

You are justified in your anxieties. Taking care of a baby with a toddler hanging onto your skirts is not an easy task. Finding the extra hours (and the truckloads of patience) to deal with 2 tiny tots is not the only problem you worry about.

With the entry of the second child come additional concerns for his safety. Not only do you have to ensure that the baby is safe in his nursery and around the house; you also have to protect him from an over-zealous toddler. The shared kids room design must, above all, be safe for both.

Toddler and Baby Sharing RoomToddler and Baby Sharing Room

Your toddler does not realize that the soft blanket he is trying to wrap around his little brother or sister for warmth could actually harm the baby. Your toddler does not understand why the food he wants to share with his sibling could choke the newborn.

Yes, the first few years (till your second child can start to look after himself) are a little nerve-wracking. You have to be very vigilant. It is inevitable that you should worry about whether to put the toddler and baby in the same room.

The general consensus is that a safe shared kids room design creates a closer sibling bond.

What are the main things you need to do to complete the toddler and baby room decor? What are the conflicts and rewards you can expect in the days to come? Here we will discuss the three most important aspects to consider:

    Making the Room Safe for Both Toddler and Baby

    Creating a Fun Environment that Toddler and Baby Would Enjoy

    Solving Conflicts through Huge Doses of Patience

Making the Room Safe for Both Toddler and Baby

Till your kids both reach the tween stage, safety is the key concern in their room and around the house.

1. Baby Monitors

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera and more

In the first few months, it is advisable to keep the baby close to you. A co-sleeper in your room would be a great asset. But at 4-6 months, the baby is ready to sleep in his crib in the shared kids room.

Installing a Baby Monitor should be a part of your kids room design. That way not only will you be aware of your baby crying in the middle of the night but also know what the kids are upto in your absence.

2. Kids Room Design - Bed Rails.

As your toddler moves into his own toddler bed, you will want to put bed safety rails in place, since toddlers still tend to move around in their sleep. Most toddler beds come with the bed rails already in place.

However, if you have decided to invest in a regular twin bed (which will serve him for a longer time), you can purchase the side rails separately and attach them.

Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Toddler Bed, Gold

3. New Crib or Toddler Bed.

With the second baby, you will need to add a few new pieces of furniture to the kids room design – either a new crib or a new bed. Both alternatives are in the same price range, so it truly your choice.

If you plan to use the same baby convertible crib for the newborn, remember to check it thoroughly for any damages or maintenance issues that need to be taken care of. You will now need a new bed for your toddler.

Budget permitting, a convertible toddler bed would be a great investment. Starting out as a toddler bed, it later converts into a daybed or twin bed at a later date. There are some interesting choices available.

If you plan to convert the crib to toddler bed instead, you will have to invest in a new crib. Since you have been through this before, it should be easier this time. Just remember to read our pages on baby cribs once more before purchasing. 

4. Crib Mosquito Net.

Are you wondering why a mosquito net is important for safety? A net does not just keep the mosquitoes and other bugs out of the baby’s crib, it also keeps your baby safe from an excited toddler.

Every child reacts differently to the presence of a new baby in the house. If your child wants to play with the baby, he might try to throw toys into the crib or might even be able to climb in himself.

These innocent love gestures could be potential hazards for the newborn. A mosquito net and a regular chat with your toddler (during the pregnancy) on the dos and don’ts with the baby should be all that is needed.

Now that we have covered all the bases for making the shared kids room design safe for both toddler and baby, it’s time to have some FUN decorating the room.

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