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A child grows at a much rapid pace during the first 5 years of his/her life and this growth continues quite obviously through their tween and teenage years. We continue to evolve and grow - have you noticed how your tastes and style have changed over the years. 

I love blue and most of my clothes reflected that love. But recently I seem to be drawn towards a soft blush or even a dirty rose color. And while not everyone sees such a drastic difference, but many a times, our style is dictated by the current phase in our life.

You are prepared for the physical growth of your child. You are resigned to buying new clothes, shoes and more every few months, because you can see them outgrow their current ones.

Choose from our Interior Design Services

But are you prepared for the mental growth of your child too? Kids room makeovers should not be a topic of frustration or debate. If your child has mentally outgrown the mermaid phase and is now into Wonder Woman, shouldn't their room reflect this change in their interests?

And to answer your question...NO, the room makeover does not have to be an expensive one. You get to decide the budget of the room design.

Our Interior Design Services Offerings

Which of my three interior design services you should decide to move forward with, is best understood after our one-on-one conversation. And it all begins with a Free Discovery Call. So book it today.

Discovery Call Free to Get Details of the Decorating Project.

On the other side of the discovery call is your next action step. Depending on your location, your convenience and your budget,  we will determine which of these three services would be the right fit for you.

90 minute initial design consultation

Whether you are local to Metrowest, MA or located all the way around on the other side of the world; the first step after the Free Discovery Call is the 1.5 hour or 90 minute consultation.

This service could be a stand-alone; which means that if your design dilemma does not require all the bells and whistles, I can try and solve your problem with the 1.5 hour consultation.

After the consultation, I provide you with a summary of our meeting as well as concrete steps that should help you move forward on your decorating journey. As a token of my appreciation, I also email you my exclusive 'Room Decorating Planner' - a detailed guide to help you undertake your design journey as if you had a professional designer sitting on your shoulder and guiding you along.

Online Interior Design Services

E-design or online design services have come a long way in the past few year. 

This is a great option for you if you are not in my geographical range but would like help creating your baby nursery or kid's room spaces.

But this does not exclude those of you who live near me. Sometimes, even if the designer is close at hand, you may prefer to choose e-design services. This could be because you are a busy mom and find e-design services more convenient as you can access them from any device.

It could also be that the service is more budget friendly for those who don't mind doing the running around to get the room ready

Full room makeover for kids room or baby nursery

My full room makeover service is for those of you who live in the Metrowest MA area.

I will be there for you from start to finish actually putting the room together for you. This could be the busy mom, who wants to do the room makeover but is either not a diy-er or is short on time and needs this completely done-for-her.

Design it Yourself Designer Courses

Coming Soon

Design it Yourself Designer Courses that will help you not only with this one project but many future projects. These courses will be available to you with a one-time purchase and at the end of the course you will be able to get on to my membership service offering ongoing help and support for future decorating projects.

I look forward to chatting with you about your project. So hop on to my calendar and schedule your Free Discovery Call today!

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