E-Design Services

Online Interior Design Services Tailor Made For You

E-Design Services are the same as any Interior Design Services you may want to engage but without any physical boundaries.

Teenage Girl Bedroom in Soft Pastels - 3D RenderingTeenage Girl Bedroom in Soft Pastels - 3D Rendering

Now you can see the potential of your room with a 3D rendering just like the one above.

E-design is the new age way to get the help of a professional designer at a fraction of the cost...and you are free to make the changes on your time and your budget. That sounds like a win, doesn't it? 

Why LushBerry Interiors 

LushBerry Interiors offers you a RIDQC (Residential Interior Design) certified professional interior designer services.

  • I understand that you are busy and have time constraints. With LushBerry's E-design package, you have the mood board, floor plan and 3D rendering available for you to study at your leisure. They are yours to keep and work on whenever you are ready.
  • You want the help of a professional interior designer. With my training and certifications in Interior Design and RIDQC, you are guaranteed a professional elegance as well as advice and guidance.
  • As a member of the Designer Society of America, my special trade-only resources will be made available to you. 
  • You will receive a personalized shopping list - no more time wasted browsing for items and no more overwhelm!
  • My e-design services are extremely affordable making this an easy decision.

The E-Design Process

Here is the step-by-step process for your e-design service.

Step 1 : Choose e-design package (from the three listed below) that best suits your needs.

Step 2 : Email me with details about your space and an idea of what you would like to achieve. I will email you back a design questionnaire to better understand your lifestyle, preferences, budget and other details to help me create a design that would best suit you. 

Step 3 : I will create 2 initial design boards and send them to you within 72 hours. At this point we can also schedule our 1:1 phone consultation to better discuss the design boards and figure out the best option for you. The design boards will be tweaked (any number of times) over the next few days (depending on the package you have chosen).

Step 4 : The final design concept along with the personalized shopping list (and floor plan and 3D visual, if opted for) will be sent to you within 5 or 10 days (depending on the package purchased).

Step 5 : Post design support will be provided to you for an additional 2 weeks for any questions / guidance you may require pertaining to that space. You can also join my Facebook page to ask questions or offer advice to our ever-growing community.

What I Need From You...


Fill out the questionnaire sent to you. Add as much detail as you can, for example, "don't like leather"; "no sharp edges"; "love floral prints". No information is too little or irrelevant.


Overall room measurement - you can draw a rough sketch to show placement of doors, windows, hvacs or any other architectural feature.

Measure each wall, doors, windows and height of ceiling, height of window - I will email you an example of a rough sketch. Beside each door, mention which room it leads to. This will give me an idea of the flow of traffic.

I will require photos of each wall of the room - be sure to include a part of the floor and ceiling. As well as measurements and photos of items that are to remain in the room (furniture, artwork, rug).


Create a pinterest board of (or simply scan and send) pictures of rooms, furniture styles, colors - anything that inspires you as well as anything that you absolutely dislike. 

Knowing what you hate is just as important as knowing that which you love. It will also save us time as I will not add items that dislike and help me find that something unique that will speak to you.

Design Board

After I send you the initial design boards, you will need to review and let me know items that you love and items that you don't from the 2 boards created.

Your feedback will help me create the Final Design Concept.

E-Design Service Options

With LushBerry Interiors, you have 3 Design Options to choose from.





What to Expect:

1:1 Designer Time for 30 minutes

2 Initial Design Boards

Multiple Design Revisions

Final Personalized Design Concept within 5 days

Personalized Shopping List

What to Expect:

1:1 Designer Time for 60 minutes

2 Initial Design Boards

Multiple Design Revisions

Final Personalized Design Concept within 10 days

Personalized Shopping List

Fabric and More Material Board

Floor Plan/Furniture Arrangement

3D Room Visualization

What to Expect:

1:1 Designer Time for 60 minutes

2 Initial Design Boards per room

Multiple Design Revisions

Final Personalized Design Concept within 10 days

Personalized Shopping List

Fabric and More Material Board

Floor Plan/Furniture Arrangement

3D Room Visualization

Let's Get Started

So purchase your package and email me at lushberryinteriors@gmail.com. Let's get your home looking happy and healthy!

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