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Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Childrens Bedroom Furniture for Lofty Tween Styles

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Did your toddler turn into a tween in the blink of your eye?

Yeah…catches us unawares every time. You just turned to pick up the phone (it was one of his friends calling), you turn back and …zoom…time has sped.

Your little toddler with his curious questions and constant demand of attention is now a young child, wishing you would go so he could talk to his friends more freely.

Sigh…the toddler bed has got to go to make way for the snazzy loft bed. The adorable table and chair set are material for the next garage sale, while you snoop around for a bigger kids computer desk.

You get the picture.

Ok. Let us take this one step at a time. Remember, we had said, “You are not in this alone.” We are keeping our promise.

The most important piece of the childrens bedroom furniture set is the bed. If you haven’t already taken a sneak peek, you will be surprised at the impossibly vast selection of styles available.

It is essential that you know exactly what type of childrens beds you are looking for. Let the functions it will serve guide you on your best buy.

For older kids, there is an stunning selection of royal children bed.

1. Kids Loft Beds and other Lofty Tween Styles.

When figuring out a child bed you must keep his nature in mind. If he is a physically super-active kid or if he enjoys jumping on the bed, kids loft beds or castle bunk beds might be better left at the store!

If you enjoy bedtime reading with him or he just loves books, you might consider a bookcase bed.

If he moves around in his sleep and might fall off the bed, perhaps you should go for a full size instead of a twin bed.

To understand the different types of childrens beds available for you to choose from, read our article on girls and boys beds.

2. Bedroom Dresser, Chest or Armoire

Delta Universal Dresser

As your child grows, so do his possessions - more clothes, more toys, more books. 

Do you dread getting into your kids room? Are there clothes strewn around, toys on the floor, papers overflowing from the study desk?

Kids storage is an important aspect when decorating your child's room. Choose between a bedroom dresser, chest or kids armoire.

Provide your child with a night stand for all his knick knacks, alarm clock and all those tiny things that he absolutely cannot sleep without!!

3. Kids Computer Desk - Focus on Studies

Your child will be spending a lot of time on his study desk for many years to come.

The desk and chair need careful consideration. Not only should the desk have ample space for all the study work, but it should also have some fun element.

Before you select your kids computer desk, measure the space in his room so you know the proper size of the desk. If space is limited, you could even consider a corner desk

Desk chairs can be converted into the fun factor. Add a punch of color by choosing a desk chair in apple green, red, hot pink or whatever is your child's favorite color.

4. Thinking of Friends - Additional Seating

These are the days of play-dates and sleep-overs; of sharing secrets, of spending time with friends and of making BFFs.

Your childrens bedroom furniture requires some extra love. A recliner to curl up with a book on, or for whispering secrets to friends.

A trundle bed or floor mat when a friend is sleeping over.

Even bean bags for those comfy long chats.

Creating a room that specifically caters to the needs of your child will make him feel very special. Childrens bedroom furniture is not just about the right size or design, it is about giving him something fun and funky too.

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