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Wallpaper Ideas for Baby Nurseries and Kid's Rooms

Wallpaper adds magic, allure and whimsy to the room. But do I add it to one wall or the whole room? Find the answer and a host of wallpaper ideas that go beyond the walls!!

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Are you ready for some awesome wallpaper ideas that will blow your mind?! 

I LOVE wallpaper. Unlike days of the past, wallpaper designs of today range from traditional to modern; from simple lines to complex patterns; and from from florals to geometrics to abstract.

Too many choices bring their own headache and with it the single most difficult question - Did I choose the right one?

It is easy to get into the guessing and second-guessing your decisions phase. That's a vicious circle and one that you need to get out of, as soon as possible.

How? By focusing on yourself. 

Yes, you read that right. In my experience of the many clients I have met, there are those who like to go into the threads - meaning those who are very particular about every item in the room; and those that are not so particular.

In decorating, there is no right or wrong. If you look at a grey and see shades of green in it...and hate green...that grey is not for you. Simply because you will always see that green every time you look at that chair and it will make you miserable.

Another might look at the same grey and see it match perfectly with the grey shade on their lamp; and be very happy every time they look at the chair.

"Do what makes you happy" might sound corny, but it really should be at the heart of all your decisions.

An Accent Wall or Wallpaper the Room?

An excellent question. I have seen them done both ways and they both look great. 

The key difference is that when you wallpaper the whole room, it's like a giant hug. You are enveloped in whatever feeling the wallpaper evokes in you. All the other pieces in room need to be paired down to allow them to be seen.

On the other hand, having wallpaper on one single wall, creates a special focal area. It can also be used, if you have an architectural detail in the room that you either want to highlight or want to detract from.

For example, in the picture below, this cute wallpaper covers the fact that the wall indents inwards. In fact, it tricks the eye into thinking the wall is straight.

Wallpaper Ideas to go Beyond the Walls

They are called wallpaper, so the idea is always that it goes on the wall. 

But it doesn't really have to. Think beyond the obvious. Put that cute wallpaper on your kid's night stand; or add a cool wallpaper to the back of the wall unit; use it inside dresser drawers - there are so many options to choose from!

In short, whether you choose a fun Disney wallpaper; a cute Winnie the Pooh wallpaper; a simple abstract wallpaper or any of the numerous wallpaper designs available to you; it is sure to elevate the nursery design and make the room more magical and whimsical.

Are you pro-wallpaper? Do you have an accent wall or are you all in? Got unique wallpaper ideas you have tried? Post your wallpapered kid's room pics on our Facebook page or share with us on Instagram. We can't wait to see your room!

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