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Teen Posters...
And other Wall Art Decoration

Choosing the perfect teen posters and other wall art decoration

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Teenagers, as we have already established, are in the process of discovering themselves. Whether it be through their clothes, their accessories or their room décor; you can expect to see a lot of changes every few months.

It is also true that as individuals we have so many different aspects to our personalities that it is difficult to find just one to showcase. Which is probably why teen posters and other wall art decoration would be a great way for a teenager to reveal themselves.

LOL Leopard
LOL Leopard

Teen wallpaper, wall art posters, decals, murals and mirrors, are just some of the many ways your teenager can decorate the room without breaking the bank with each change of interest.

Wall art decoration not only shows your teenagers interests and hobbies, it can also bring in pops of color and relieve the monotony of the blank walls.


1. For the Sports Fan

If your teenager is into basketball, posters of his favorite players or team will be the natural choice.

You could also create a stencil of a basketball and stencil it throughout his room.

You could easily incorporate just about any sports theme such as baseball, football or tennis in this way.

If he loves surfing or skateboarding, vinyl decals of the sport also make great wall art decoration. Or put up a skateboard on his wall and put a shelf or hooks under it. This would be a great place for him to hang his stuff or put up his trophies. 

Jazz Club

2. For the Musically Inclined

Is your teenager crazy about Justin Beiber ? Or does she prefer The Jonas Brothers?

Bands and singers are all the craze and of course, their posters are all around. But if your teenager is more into making his own music, get him to paint his favorite instrument on a focal wall…maybe just above his headboard.

You could also use cardboard cutouts in the shape of a guitar or drums. Guitar Posters and wall decals are very popular too.

Cupcake Boulevard

3.  For the Fashionista

Girls just wanna have ‘Style’. If your teenager is heavily into fashion (a budding fashion designer) or has a fetish for shoes or maybe handbags – let it shine through in her room.

Create an accent wall by putting simple hooks and arranging all her handbags in a square shape. Not only will it show off her collection, she will be able to pick and choose her handbag of the day without having to rummage for it.

4. For the Art Lover

For a teenager who enjoys art, putting up their own paintings would be the best way to decorate the walls. Simply put up beautiful frames (you can color the frames according to the color scheme of the room) and your teenager can display his work.

If he prefers big name painters such as Monet or Van Goghart prints of their most famous paintings do not cost a lot and can be very inspirational for your budding artist.

Creating Yourself

5. For the Love of Words

Motivational posters have become a very popular trend today. Finding the right words that resonate with your heart is very important before you decide what to put up on your walls.

The motivational wall decals are great because you can re-position them anywhere from your walls to your furniture.

6. Teen Posters in a riot of colors

As you can see, wall art posters cater to a wide range of subjects and you are sure to find some that satisfy your teenager’s hobbies and interests. Sometimes, though, a simple burst of color maybe enough to brighten up the walls.

Watercolor Bouquets Triptych

In fact you may even decide against any art at all. Paint squares (or any shape you want) of different sizes and colors at varying heights throughout the room. Leave the space blank or add shelves, picture frames or memorabilia. Make your room look bright, colorful and full of cheer.

7. Think about Teen Wallpaper

Although wallpapers went out of fashion a few decades ago, they are making a slow but steady comeback. And the new designs and patterns can be quite spectacular. If you have reservations about it, why not try it on one accent wall and see if you like the result.

Wall Art Decorations are so varied and so innumerable that we can never be satisfied with just one or two. Thankfully they are not so expensive that we cannot indulge ourselves every once in a while.

Teen Posters also make great holiday gifts. After all, even if your teenager already has a room full of Justin Beiber posters, do you think she will say no to another one?

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