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Kids and Teen Art Styles - Innovative Themes

Create innovative themes using kids and teen artworks

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Children love to doodle, draw, color and paint. This is universal. What is it about ‘art’ that attracts them? Is it all play or does it serve a purpose? How can we, as parents, help our kids benefit from it? What about the mess?

Childrens wall art has evolved rapidly and diversified to such an extent, it is not possible to cover the entire subject in one page. Let us explore the world of kids and teen art in leisure.

1. What attracts kids to art? Colors!

Colors are an integral part of our life. Our clothes, our furnishings even our cars reflect colors that we like. When choosing the wall art for the kids or teen rooms, find artworks that are harmonized to the color scheme as well as the theme of the room.

It can also help to diffuse an overstated look. For example, if your tween has decided to go for orange or fuchsia color scheme, a beautiful black and white artwork as a focal point can diffuse the bold color of the room.

Art Hanging Kit with Clips

2. Childrens artwork and the rest of the décor

For toddlers and young kids, displaying their paintings improves their self esteem and gives a new look to the room in a snap. However, kids will draw anything they want. It might not go with the theme of the room. Moreover you do not want the kids and teen art to be splashed all over the room in a haphazard manner.

  1. Buy frames of different sizes and nail them on the wall as per your design. You can put the childrens artwork within the frames. This will limit the number of art pieces they can put up as well as give them the same designated area each time, to give a neat look.

  2. Usually once the frames are in place, the kids can create whatever they want. The artwork will look a part of the décor. But if you are particular, you could give your kids only the colors that will work with the room’s color scheme. Disciplining your child’s creativity does not stifle it.

  3. Create a zone. The one wall or part of it that the kids can use to display their art. Older kids too will enjoy having a space to show off their teen art work.

Paris, Silhouette, Chandelier Art

3. Childrens Wall Art Choices

There is a wide selection of art pieces that cater especially to the tweens and younger kids. They have bright colors and warm themes. They are aimed for kids who have outgrown dinosaurs and Winnie-the-pooh themes but are not quite ready for anything too grown up.

4. Teen Art is more than posters and paintings

There was a time when a teenager’s room was plastered with posters of favorite rock bands, film stars and other celebrities. It was their sole mode of expression of individuality...of being different from the rest of the household.

Today (thankfully) there are many more sophisticated outlets available to the teens. From beautiful wall art to 3D wall stickers and for the more creative - washi tape or glow in the dark paint - there are many ways to express your personality.

5. A Powerful Way to Display your Theme

Putting up a big piece of art on the focal wall of your room is a powerful way to display the chosen theme of your room. You might have to browse long and hard to find the one artwork that is right for your room.

But it is out there and once you find it, it will make all the difference to your room's decor.

Anime Silk Painting 48" x 24"

Whether you choose a framed work from a big store or simply frame out your child or teen art work, there is no denying the importance of childrens wall art in the overall décor of your kid’s room. You have four walls to cover…go ahead and get creative.

Find one focal art piece that will become the topic of conversation in the room, and find smaller pieces for the rest. There are many more ways to dress up those walls (mirrors, shelves, stickers, borders and appliqués). We will cover them in detail in the ensuing pages.

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