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Star Wars Bedroom - Out-of-this-World Decor

Create a Star Wars Bedroom with these inspirations

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Star Wars Fans, awaken the force in your kid's bedroom with these awesome decorating ideas from us. 

Star Wars has broken all records and has reached an unimaginable fan base. With just about every product in the world vying for it's own piece of the Star Wars pie, you probably need help in eliminating stuff to buy instead.

I was amazed at the range and ingenuity of the makers of some of the products. It is, I suppose, a testament to the mind-boggling success of the latest Star Wars movie.

Have you seen anything like this?

And just so you realize the gravity of the situation...the lunch kit comes complete with light and sound effects.

Even Google has paid homage to this amazing phenomenon. Just type in the famous line "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." into Google search and sit back and enjoy.

Vision Board 1 - Star Wars Bedding

With so many items to choose from, where do you draw the line? Well, you could go all out and deck the room in all things Star Wars movie style.

But chances are your young one will soon outgrow this phase and want to showcase something else entirely in a couple of years.

Star Ward Bedroom Vision Board 1Star Wars Bedroom - Vision Board 1

A few key items on display is a perfect way to decorate your boys bedroom. It shows your love for the movie without going over board. 

I loved this Star Wars bedding, although there are many more to choose from, because it is subtle and has so many colors, you can make this bedding go a long way even after the Star Wars fan frenzy is over.

The pillow buddy is more like a soft toy that your child can carry along with him (or her) wherever they go. While the Star Wars rug is playful yet with sober colors to add a fun element in a guest bedroom a few years down the line.

The saucer chair, night light and alarm clock are decorative items that help you move the theme to cover the entire room instead of limiting it to the bed.

And of course, you HAVE to have the wall mural so your son can gaze at it every morning and awaken his latent force! There are so many wall decals and murals to choose from, it will make your head spin.

I added the life size cardboard standup to add the fun factor in the room. It will catch the eye of every person entering the room and is set to be the most favorite in this Star Wars bedroom.

Another way to brighten up the walls to your theme - Stormtrooper silhouettes in glow in the dark paint! Simply print a silhouette or outline in a pose you like, cut a stencil in that shape. Get a can of glow in the dark paint and HAVE FUN.

Vision Board 2 - Star Wars Bedroom

Since Star Wars movies have fans of all ages, we simply put together a second vision board with some of our other favorite things. Neither one is better than the other, they are simply two different ways to show your love.

Star Wars Bedroom Vision Board 2Star Wars Bedroom - Vision Board 2

Here the twin bed itself has a Star Wars theme to it. The downside being that you have to make it work with other themes as time goes by. But for now...isn't it awesome?! Add a themed decorative pillow to complete the look.

I absolutely love the Darth Vader chair - it is kind of spooky to look at in the middle of the night, but so totally worth it. I see your son spending long hours sitting in this chair, hopefully reading something educational.

The X-wing backpack is another one of my favorites. I know my son would love to have it (if I showed it to him, that is). And what do you think of the Stormtrooper lights? Two thumbs up? 

The writing desk, Yoda night light and memorabilia frame once again help to distribute the theme throughout the room. Did you notice the background? Find a wallpaper like Starry Night Deep Space - you don't need to cover the entire room in that color. It is rather dark and if the bedroom is small, it will make it seem smaller.

But doing u one accent wall in the room is a good decorating idea many interior designers swear by.

 And as an self proclaimed Star Wars fan how could your Star Wars bedroom decorating be complete without the full set of the Star Wars movie posters? Proudly display them here, in the family room or the basement, turn on the movie projector, bring out the popcorn and settle in for a movie binge.

We hope you enjoy decorating your very own Star Wars Bedroom and have fun sorting through all the Star Wars bedding, murals, rugs, figurines and what-have-yous along the way.

Don't forget to send us pics of your bedrooms when completed and share your story with us.

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