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Pirate Boy Room
- Sail the High Seas. Aaarg!

Adventure and High Seas in the Pirate Boy Room. Aaarg!

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"The fresh slightly salty breeze rushed through his hair spinning them in all directions. He stood at the deck, gazing intently through his telescope, marking his next quarry.

As soon as he spotted the ship, he cried "Aaarg! Ahoy mateys. Let the Jolly Roger fly high." brandishing his sword in the air."

Oh yes! The pirate life is just adventurous enough and just thrilling enough to make any young boy's imagination run wild. A pirate hat, eye patch and sword is all they need. And they are ready to sail the high seas to look for the next treasure.

We give you pirate boy room inspiration boards for all ages from toddler to teen. And yes, we have included one for the girl pirate too. 

We recommend you go through all the inspiration boards as no two products have been repeated. Like the treasure chest toy box included in the Pirate Boy Room can work just as well in any of the other rooms too.

While they might all seem like blue bedrooms, the paints shown in each is a different shade. So once again, use your discretion to find the one that matches you.

Remember, this is only for inspiration. You can use these pirate bedroom ideas as is or mix and match and give the room your own particular stamp.

Pirate Toddler Room - with Boat Bed

Pirate Theme - Toddler RoomPirate Toddler Room

The highlight of the room is the boat bed. Keep all other pirate themed decor to a minimum and let the bed take all the due credit. The fun rug gives your toddler hours of play sailing his boat all over it. The pirate ship ride and play toy is another perfect addition to the room.

We have added the captain's wheel for another fun stop for your toddler. At this stage it is all about giving him things that will keep him safely busy. The bedding should be simple solids or patterns which do not distract from the bed itself.

Pirate Boy Room - X Marks His Spot

Pirate Theme - Boy BedroomPirate Boy Room

Show the theme of your room with a fun comforter - loads of color that instantly brighten the room. The blue on the walls matches the blue in the comforter (always use this guide).

The rug has waves, the treasure chest toy box speaks for itself and the art showing a young boy in pirate costume ties the whole room together. 

The highlight of the room however, would have to be the gorgeous chandelier. Of course, at this stage don't forget to provide your son with ample reading light too.

You can create his name by buying letters from the local arts and crafts store - paint them a darker blue than the walls or stick shells and starfish for a more piratey theme. Aaarg!

The Girl Pirate - Work the Theme

Pirate Theme - Girl PirateGirl Pirate Bedroom

Your daughter loves the high seas and the spirit of adventure? Here's something she might enjoy. The theme comes through with wall decals. You can get more to cover other pieces of furniture such as the nightstand or closet too.

The polka dot bedding gets full points as the ruffles mimic the waves in the ocean. Add a pop of another color (whatever be her favorite) through decorative pillows, rugs and table lamps.

Add glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls for a magical night on the high seas...every night!

Pirate Teen Bedroom - Blue Bedrooms

Pirate Theme - Teen BedroomPirate Teen Bedroom

Once again, keep the bedding simple and show the theme through decorative pillows and the 'Kraken taking down ship' wall decal. The hammock gets all the attention and can be a favorite spot for your teen's relax time.

The wall art provides a little fun while the simple drum chandelier gives adequate light while still staying in tune with the room's decor. The blue of the wall paint comes from the comforter (always choose the lighter shade).

A pirate map rug adds to the drama.

Hope you enjoyed our inspiration boards. Don't forget to share your pirate themed bedroom with us. And to like us on Facebook to keep updated on what's happening here.

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