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My Baby's Nursery Window Treatments - Do I Really Need to Worry About Them?

A crying baby = Sleepless nights + Exhausting days.

If you were unsure whether you needed to pay close attention to your nursery window treatments, the above equation should answer the question.

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Have you heard the phrase “Let sleeping babies lie”? Okay, so maybe it’s actually “Let sleeping dogs lie.” And yes, maybe that has a different connotation. But if you are a newly minted parent, your daily mantra has to be “Let sleeping babies lie.”

I mean, how many times have you gently laid your baby in the crib or tiptoed out of the baby nursery or just sat down with a soothing cup of tea…only to hear the scary sound of a waking baby.

Nursery Window Treatments - Pin ImageSix Step Guide to Your Nursery Window Treatments

On a more serious note though, babies (and toddlers) need their sleep…hours upon hours of sleep throughout the day. Nap times can be hard on them, if they have sunlight streaming through the windows.

So how can we help them get the sleep they need…and get us some much needed me-time? By making sure we invest in the right nursery window treatments for us. And thanks to the design industry, there are many different options that cater to different styles, likes and requirements.

We also have to be extremely careful of the safety aspect that is part and parcel of decorating your baby nursery.

If you haven’t already, do your baby and yourself the biggest favor of investing in my e-book ‘The Dos and Don’ts of Keeping Baby Safe’. I have worked hard to give you the best advice from across different sources that will make their life safer and your breathing easier. I also share my own personal terrifying stories and experiences.

All right, let’s get started with understanding the importance of choosing your baby’s nursery window treatments with care.

1.      Find the right Blackout Curtains – Heat Reflecting and UV Blocking

Blocking the light and the harmful UV rays is quite simply the most important and practical reason to invest in blackout curtains. These curtains come in different intensities of blackout. So be sure to make a note of just how dark you would like the room to be.

If the room does not receive a ton of light – maybe it is blocked by trees or the window is north facing – you might be able to get away with less room darkening. If the window is east or west facing and the sun comes streaming right through, you might need the highest intensity of light blocking.

This also allows the room stay cool and well circulated.

Woodland Nursery - Nursery Window TreatmentsCheerful and Adorable Baby Nursery inspired by the Nursery Window Treatments

2.     Avoid Floor Length Draperies

This is especially important once your baby starts to crawl and learns to stand up. They will hold onto anything to pull themselves up or it could get entangled in their grasping fists and go straight into their mouth. Keeping the draperies far out of reach ensures less accidents. Which means, one less problem for you to worry about.

3.      Stay Away from Cords and Embellishing

Many blinds and shades come with cords. Try to stay away from these, if you can. If you are in a rental and you can’t change the blinds, wrap the cords and hang them far from a toddler’s reach (and add a second layer of draperies to hide the boring blinds).

Follow the same logic with embellishing – no pompoms, ribbons, laces and the like that can fall off the draperies to become a choking hazard.

In the same vein, don’t use tension rods to hold the draperies up, as they could easily collapse.

4.      Add Nursery Window Treatments to Your Concept board

When pulling your baby nursery design together, you probably look at crib beddings, nursery wall art, kids rugs and paint color to make sure they are a cohesive look and create a harmonious nursery – whether your ‘theme’ be serene or vibrant. Don’t forget to add the nursery window treatments into the mix.

You can also use these to bring in some whimsy and fun into the room. They could bring the theme of the room to life.

(ps: Need help with the Concept board? Have you checked out my virtual design services? It is a perfect blend of professional interior design help and your own unique touch, so your nursery is designed at your pace and in your budget.)

Chic Fashionista Room - Nursery Window TreatmentsYour Chic Fashionista Toddler Room - Inspired by the Nursery Window Treatments

5.      Get the Right Fit

Natural light is not just ‘a nice thing to have’ in the room; it is absolutely essential. So when we talk about covering them and blocking out the sunlight, you must understand that this is only during nap and sleep times. At other times, you want to bring some golden sunshine in. Make sure that the nursery window treatments you decide to move forward with don’t completely shut the light out.

This means, placing the drapery rods beyond the actual window size, so when you move the draperies aside, you can see the entire window. Any shades or blinds should be in good working condition to be moved up and down as per the light needed.

6.      Look for ‘Best for Kids’ Certification program

Launched by the Window Covering industry, the aim is to help parents identify window treatments that are best suited for their child’s bedroom or baby nursery. And to educate them about potential hazards especially on corded items.

Are you ready now to dive into the world of nursery window treatments? These points should help narrow down your selection so you can decide which of these is right for your baby. The good news is that with the children’s décor industry growing and armed with your new knowledge about window coverings, you can totally take these decisions confidently. You have unlimited choices of patterns, textures, colors and themes that will surely take your gorgeous baby nursery up another notch.

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