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Kids Comforters - fill power or pure instinct?

Best Tips to Find the Right Duvet and Kids Comforters

There are two ways to go about decorating your kids room.

Either you paint the walls a chosen color and find the bedding to complement it, or go through catalogs of kids comforters and find the one that inspires the theme and color scheme for the room.

(We have included third party products with the goal to help you navigate the web easily so you can focus on what matters to you. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.)

Whichever way you choose to go, you cannot deny the significant role of a comforter in the overall decor of the room or nursery.

A comforter is a long-term investment. Often it is the style (pattern and color) and the price, which help our decision. We tend to ignore the fill power and thread count details mentioned on the packaging.

You might be surprised to know that not all comforters are created equal. To pick the kids comforters that will work for your kids room, follow these guidelines…and trust your instinct.

1. Duvets, Quilts or Comforters

The climate makes the difference (or how high or low you keep the thermostat). 

Duvet – it really is a comforter filled with down feathers. Duvet covers are used to keep the duvet clean and slips on much like a pillowcase. Since duvets are not washed, they can use natural materials (like down) to provide insulation. You can shop by size, color, pattern or style. 

Quilt – defined as a bed covering consisting of two layers of fabric stitched together, with insulation between, often having an embroidered design. It is similar to a blanket but thicker.

Comforter – a thick, quilted fluffy blanket. It maybe decorated but does not have embroidery. It can be washed and is often used as the bedspread.You can shop by size, color, pattern or style. 

(Tip: As you can see, these are all different names to basically perform the same task…that of covering and warming your child while sleeping. Choose the one you like and forget about changes long into the future.)

2. What is Fill Power? Why does it matter in the Kids Comforters?

By definition, fill power is the space one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches.

To put it simply, it tells you how fluffy the comforter is. The higher the fill power, the better the quality and durability.

The fill power ranges from 500 to 800+ with 500 being a good fill while 800+ being a luxury fill.

3. Check the Thread Count

They keep your children warm and cozy all night long. Comforters, therefore, should be of good quality.

The thread count is the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric. Again, as with fill power, higher thread counts translates to lighter and softer. This prevents leakage of the comforters fill to the outside air and allows the fill to “puff up”.

The thread count ranges from 200 to 400+ with 200 being the average quality while 400+ spells luxury.

4. Comforter Covers to Fit Any Theme.

Teen and Kids comforters are plentiful and in just about any theme you can think of.

But what if the theme you are looking for does not have comforters in the quality or size you need? An easy solution is to go for a solid neutral comforter in the quality and size you desire.

Cover it up with a comforter cover to match the theme of your chosen children's bedding.

(Tip 1: You can create your own comforter cover by stitching – or getting stitched – two flat sheets of your choice. This will give you two reversible themes for the room.)

( Tip 2: For teen comforters, why not buy a solid color comforter and let them paint their own designs with fabric paint!)

5. Duvet or Comforter Covers = Easy Maintenance

Bedroom comforters are machine washable. However, because of the size, they do not easily fit into the home washer or dryer. To get it really clean you have to take it to the Laundromat and wash in the commercial machines.

An easy solution is to use duvet covers or comforter covers. Not only are they easier to clean, you can buy more than one to give your kids rooms a new look everytime!

6. Comforter Huggers

These are a great find for children who are learning to make their own bed.

The corners at the foot of the kids comforters wrap around to ‘hug’ the mattress. Since two corners are already in place, all the kid needs to do is pull it straight.

Also because it stays in place, your little one can’t kick it off and can keep his toes warm at night. They are usually available in Twin and Full size, but some companies also offer Queen size.

7. Avoid Allergies - Buy Hypoallergenic Comforters

Comforters are usually filled with goose down feathers or cotton. On their own neither down nor cotton would cause allergies. However, they tend to trap allergy causing dander, dust and dirt.

The solution is to opt for hypoallergenic comforters. Hungarian goose down is considered to be the cleanest down in the world as it holds little dander or dust. Mixed with Syriaca, the Hungarian goose down can even eliminate dust, dirt and pet dander.

The bottom line is to look for kids comforters that have a good fill power and good thread count. Invest in duvet covers to provide instant room makeovers and for easy maintenance.

Experts recommend goose down comforters, as they are more ‘breathable’. That means they keep moisture and sweat away from your child allowing him to sleep better.

To get more ideas on choosing kids comforters, check our pages for kids bedding and teen bedding or, if you prefer, choose gender appropriate products from girls bedding and boys bedding. 

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