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Carpet Tiles - Exciting Flooring Options

Explore Carpet Tiles for New Kids Flooring Ideas

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I don't know who is more messy - the baby who knows not what he does, the toddler who insists on being 'independent', the tweens who are never done playing, or the teenagers with a super-busy social life.

But I do know which part of their room suffers the most neglect. Did you guess it? Yup, the floor. 

While we have discussed the flooring options you finalize for your kid’s room, here is some important food for thought.

Carpet tiles!

Carpet or rug tiles have many advantages and are a popular choice among consumers of today. They are all the rage in public settings frequented by kids, such as libraries, pre-schools, museums and more.

Manufacturers have gone beyond our imagination to offer carpet patterns, colors and styles that allow us to mix and match and create a unique look.

I got the chance to play on these Art3D Liquid Fusion Mats a few weeks back at my kids pediatric clinic. They are so fun, I spent the entire time in the waiting room just creating patterns in the liquid!

Carpet squares are an exciting new player giving us new kids bedroom ideas to play around with.

1. Cleanliness - Your Biggest Concern

Let us start by discussing what is at the top of your priority list for flooring options. Cleanliness! Carpets are an expensive and (supposedly) long term investment. You choose the color, the texture, the pattern that best fits the room’s theme.

And then it happens! The ‘accident’ and food or juice spills. Did we forget the cookie crumbs? How about grape jelly smears? Are you cringing already? Don’t worry, it’s Carpet Tiles to the rescue. Yes, the best benefit they offer is that you can replace a damaged or worn area without having to replace the whole carpet.

In fact, if you attend to it right away, you can even pick up that one tile, clean it with soap and water, dry it out and replace. Are you running to the store already? Wait, there is more!

2. You Choose the Size and Shape of Your Rug.

Mix and match the carpet squares to create your own patterns.

Unlike traditional area rugs where the shape and size are pre-determined, carpet tiles offer you the versatility to fit the rug into the room as you want.

You might think, hey, these tiles only come in squares (a few do offer circular ones too). True, but think out of the box and create exclusive carpet patterns. How about a small XXX shaped rug?

Or maybe a walking route from the bed to the bedroom door? Incorporate different kids bedroom ideas to create unique carpet patterns.

Tip: You could also consider a wall-to-wall carpet made of these rug tiles. It can lift the mood of the baby nursery or toddler room instantly.

3. Colors, Patterns and Styles to Suit Your Image

Now that you are convinced that carpet squares are the best thing for your baby’s nursery or toddler room, how about tackling the terrifyingly trend-obsessed tweens and teens?

They will fall in love with the variety of colors, styles and carpet patterns.

The chance to create their own unique area rug (and maybe start a new trend? Awesome) is sure to tempt them in its favor.

4. Easy Access to Under-Floor Wiring.

Another important point in their favor is that they also allow easy access to under-floor wiring or plumbing. They are installed over a solid or cement floor with self sticking adhesive. Once again, the ability to pick out one tile instead of the entire carpet, allows greater flexibility.

5. Living in a Rented Apartment?

If you happen to live in a rented apartment, rug tiles are just right for you. They help introduce your personality into the mundane space and claim it as your own.

Moreover, they are portable and can be re-sized to fit any room you might move into later.

6. What to Remember While Purchasing Rug Tiles?

You know that you have found the flooring option you were looking for. But there are some important points to remember while purchasing.

  1. Take measurements. Carpet Squares normally come in one size: 18 x 18 inches, but some are also 24" x 24". Get your measurements right before ordering.
  2. Cost concerns. The cost depends on the thickness and density of the tile. While thick and cushioned tiles would be great for your living room, the child’s room needs a thin carpet allowing free movement of toddlers, tricycles and doll strollers.
  3. Think of the wear and tear. Vinyl or linoleum rug tiles would best suit a kid’s room as they would be easier to maintain and can take loads of wear and tear.
  4. Consider the weather. Strong sunlight streaming through open windows can damage the carpet surface.
  5. Extra supplies. Purchase extra tiles at the same time as your main order. If you order later, chances are the colors will be slightly different.

7. The Pledge to Recycle.

As a concerned environmentalist, you must always remember to recycle any old carpet or replaced rug tiles. There are companies that recycle and re-use. Besides a number of good carpet tiles manufacturers create new tiles from recycled products. Do your bit, buy such recycled tiles and help the environment.

Have you taken a peek already and decided on the carpet tiles that you plan to buy? Good for you.

Go ahead and make that payment. You will be glad you did. Not only will your kid’s room be the talk of the neighborhood, you will soon be back for the design you had already secretly selected for your living room.

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