Woodland Fairy Meets Enchanted Forest

by @Hamptonsdiaries
(Melbourne, Australia)

A Magical Room to Spark the Imagination

A Magical Room to Spark the Imagination

The first item I purchased was the bed sheets and from there I ran with the theme. My niece Tala is a very imaginative little girl, I wanted to create something magical for her. Somewhere she could be comfortable and love her room 🤍 the artwork and bedsheets along with all the plush toys were from Adairs kids. I painted an old dresser I had blush to match the theme and bed style . I switch the knobs to add a softer look. I chose a day bed to give the room a sense of a relaxed and cozy feel. She loves the room and her mum says every time I come to visit she makes sure her room is just the way I decorated it for her! She keeps it tidy and loves sleeping in her day bed xxx

I have an Instagram account if you would like to see my kids bedrooms too 💕 it’s

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