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Bathroom Wall Art
Decor Ideas for Teen and Kids

Kids bathroom wall art is inspiring; bathroom decor ideas galore.

Splish! Splash!

Bathroom wall decor ideas are not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of decorating our homes. And yet, it can be such an enjoyable experience...especially in the kids bathroom!

Making baby bath time a fun experience needs more than

buying rubber duckies and themed towels. You need to seriously consider bathroom wall art.

The market is teeming with a wide range of wall decals, art prints, bathroom tiles and more – bathroom decor ideas galore.

From rubber duckie decals for babies to fun writings for teens, the bathroom can truly reflect your decorating style and your child's whims.

1. Bathroom Wall Art

Bath Day for Ducklings
Bath Day for...

A bath themed art print can enliven the bathroom in an instant. You have to be careful though; as bathroom spaces are usually small, a too big art poster might make it look even smaller. You might prefer to go for 1 or 2 small size Bathroom Posters.

2. Bathtime Wall Decals

High Seas Peel and Stick Window Wall Decals

Wall decals are the best thing to happen to kids room decor. (We do believe we have mentioned this before.) They are easy to put up and reposition...and take off when you are bored with them...and get new ones without breaking the bank.

And they are available in such amazing varieties and vivid colors that they spruce up the look of any room within minutes.

3. Metal Art for the Bathroom

The one thing that holds us back from bathroom art is the thought that they might get spoilt with all the moisture and humidity that abounds in the bathroom.

If you are in the same boat, try metal art instead. In the kids bathroom you need to fit pieces that are colorful and vibrant. Don't go for subtle or elegant here – you need cheerful and lively.

If your bathroom serves dual purpose for kids and guests, you might not want the rubber ducky or Disney theme. Here too these metal art pieces would do the trick.

4. Making the Write Impression


"Happiness is a long bubble bath", "Objects in the mirror are skinnier than they appear", "Wash your Hands, Mom said so",...

Sometimes all it takes is the right word to give the room the right feel.

These are especially popular in teen bathrooms where they might not want to hang art work. Check out these incredible works at

Right On The Walls.

If you are the artsy diy kind of person, you could create such works of art yourself. Head over to your local hobby / art and crafts store.

Pick wooden letters in different shapes and sizes to create words such as ‘SPLASH’ or ‘BRUSH – FLUSH – WASH’. Let your imagination be your guide. Now paint them as you wish.

5. Shower Tile Murals

Dolphins Shower Tile Mural Size: 96
Dolphins Shower Tile Mural

If you are ready to go over the top and want a bathroom that the neighbors will envy…shower tile murals are the way to go. Not quite budget friendly but definitely a class beyond the ordinary.

As you can see bathroom wall art has come of age. There are just so many ways to perfect the look of your kid or teen bathroom from average to fabulous.

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