Nursery Chandelier - Purpose of Unique Chandeliers

Do we need a nursery chandelier? How to decide between color, style and theme?

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Antler chandeliers, monkey chandeliers, frog chandeliers; you will be amazed by the range and diversity of the fun, funky and fancy chandeliers available today.

Whether you decide to choose the chandelier by color - pink chandelier is a hot favorite, but there are also lovely white and black crystal chandeliers; by style - contemporary, modern or vintage; or by theme; you are sure to find one that perfectly fits in your kids room or nursery. Just drool over this adorable monkey chandelier...

Monkey Business Chandelier
Monkey Business Chandelier

Chandelier lighting is more popular in nurseries or in a girl's bedroom. Their feminine curves and dainty crystals certainly would not work in a boy's room.

Although these days you can also find chandeliers that work wonders in a boys room - especially if it goes with the theme.

Do You Need a Nursery Chandelier?

Most first time parents go berserk when decorating the baby nursery. Of course, we do. It's an exciting time and we have nothing better to do anyways (as opposed to second or third babies, where we are already exhausted running after the toddlers or driving the tweens to soccer and ballet practice!)

  • The best feature of a chandelier in the nursery is that the light fixture is far away from the baby. He cannot trip on the wires or touch the bulb etc.

  • It would also give him some visual change when looking up at the a mobile.

  • The aesthetic value cannot be ignored either. As any woman will know, the beauty and elegance of a chandelier enhances the beauty of the room. It is an accessory like jewelry. It adds the shimmer.

Unique Chandeliers for Teenage Girls Room

Once your daughter reaches the teens, she is sure to ask you for a bedroom makeover to show her blooming personality. A sure way to get her friends drooling over her new room (and that is what she secretly wants. Really.), is to bring in a gorgeous lighting fixture. Whether she opts for the girly pink chandelier or goes for a more contemporary chandelier.

George Kovacs Curvy 6 Light Chandelier
George Kovacs Curvy 6 Light Chandelier

Can Boys Rooms Have Chandeliers?

In a word, YES. When beauty products and fashion have boldly entered the mens arena, why should chandeliers be left behind?

Finding unique chandeliers that are appropriate for boys rooms is a breeze.

Check out the awesome Cowboy Chandelier, Nautical Sailboats Chandelier and even this Motorcycle Pendant would get the approval of any young man. They would merge into the theme of the nursery or kids room splendidly.

Pacific Coast Lighting Bali Wana Three Light Pendant in Bali Brown
Bali Wana Three Light Pendant

Teen girls bedrooms simply call out for a gorgeous chandelier lighting fixtures and some have even been known to add a chandelier in their bathroom. How exquisite!

You can also make a nursery chandelier yourself. How? All you need is a wire basket, some tools, lots and lots of beads...and this interesting tutorial to guide you through.


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