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Bedroom Designs Tips...
Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Bedroom designs tips to know BEFORE decorating the kids room

Have you checked the standard decorating tips that should help you avoid simple decorating mistakes?

Decorating a kid's room is about fun. Do not go overboard with one of the many kids room decorating ideas though. Always decorate with an eye towards the future.

If you are like me, chances are, you will find some nursery decorating ideas that just call to you. It might not even go with the bedroom designs you had in mind.

Funky Headboard
Funky Headboard (view complete set)

Torn between the heart and the brain? Check out the price tag. Does it tax your budget too much? Clamp down on your heart and walk out quickly.

Can't do that?

Go ahead and buy it.

Yup, it's okay to let your heart win this time. To appease your mind, cut down some other expense...have one cup of coffee less for a week! (Bet you didn't think this would count as 'interior decorating ideas'!)

Tip: Doesn't go with your bedroom designs? Open your mind and think out of the box. You will be amazed at the ideas YOU can come up with, to convert it into your theme. Or write to us...post it here and let other decorator moms and dads give you their tips.

1. From crib to bed.

Most professional decorators advise parents to plan ahead. Their advice – jump from crib to full size bed. This allows for longer use, when your child starts growing taller...and later, when the kid's bedroom gets converted to guest room.

Firetruck Toddler Bed
Firetruck Toddler Bed

2. Still want that toddler bed?

Toddler beds are very enchanting.

It might seem like a must-have. The smile on his face justifies the expensive purchase. But does your pocket?

If you are planning on younger siblings enjoying the use of this bed over the years, yes, it does. Otherwise, indulge in other delightful kids room decorating ideas and items.

3. A good quality mattress.

Now, here is where you will want to spend the extra amount. Go for good quality.

A good mattress not only allows the child a more restful sleep (so essential in these early years), it can also hold up for the wear and tear of jumping feet and more.

Another must-have, a good mattress protector!

4. Dark window shades.

Blackout shades will help your child sleep better during the afternoon nap.

Ensure your nursery bedroom designs incorporate this very important factor.

You could always double it up with a drape showcasing the chosen nursery decorating ideas.

5. Wall to wall carpeting? No way.

Everyone is aware of the potential unhygienic hazards of wall-to-wall carpeting.

It is tempting as it can cushion your child's fall during those weeks when he is just taking his first steps.

Remember he is well covered because of the diaper and his fall is not from a big height even when he stands!

On the other hand, it is so much more hygienic to have floors that you can immediately clean and disinfect every time something icky drops (or plops or thumps).

Peacock 2 Light Wall Sconce Shade Color: Pink, Bulb Type: 60W E12 incandescent bulbs (not included)
Peacock 2 Light Wall Sconce

6. Lighting is about Function, Style and Safety.

The bedroom lighting has to be functional – a night light for the baby, desk light for studying and for reading in bed.

While you can choose the style that goes with your kids room decorating ideas, keep an eye on safety.

Ceiling lights and sconces are best in nurseries as they help avoid wires where curious fingers might reach.

7. Cohesive Look.

Give your kid's room a cohesive look.

If your nursery decorating ideas require all furniture to have the same finish, do keep track of this even when you buy a new piece later.

Of course, these are kids rooms and there are NO RULES here. If Mix and Match is your style, go with that all through.

You will still need to identify a maximum of three colors to highlight in the room. More than three will just make the room look too busy.

8. Wall paint vs. Wallpaper.

It is better to go with wall paint. Wallpaper can fade and peel. Keep the walls a neutral color, as it will go with any future decor changes. 

Give it a satin finish instead of flat paint. It is easier to clean the fingerprints, smudges or washable marker prints. 

But you know how the fashion world is round, and wallpapers are making a comeback. You can find some truly graceful or joyful wallpapers - depending on your interior decorating ideas and themes.

If your child wants bold colors, experiment with furnishings...throw pillows, cushions or rugs.

Peel & Stick Giant Tree of Hope Wall Decal
Tree of Hope Wall Decal

9. Go Overboard with Accessories.

Getting bored of all the have-tos? Here comes the fun part.

Go wild with accessories and furnishings such as towels, rugs, and bedspreads...even wall decals or stick-on murals. The idea is to brighten up the bedroom without burning holes in your wallet.

10. But...Don't Overdo It.

This is an important decorators' tip. There are many accessories available for each theme. Be careful so the room doesn't look overdone. Try to find different things related to the theme.

For example, for SpiderMan bedroom designs, don't buy SpiderMan bedspread, pillow, lamp, posters, rug, toothbrush...the whole endless list. Instead, you could tie netting across one area (to hold soft toys?), find a poster of the Green Goblin or maybe a skyline silhouette. Put SpiderMan only on the pillows and rug.(Easier to change when your kid decides to go for Transformers instead!)

The baby nursery or kids bedroom is a great place to experiment with your kids' and your creativity. You can mix and match interesting kids bedroom decorating ideas, craft your own projects and build a unique dream bedroom.

Keeping the above-mentioned bedroom designs tips in mind will ensure that your creativity doesn't get out of hand.

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