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Kid Desk and
Kids Table and Chair Sets

A kid desk or kids table and chair set is an integral part of the bedroom decor.

Children love to feel grown up. They want to be independent. 

Do you remember the first time your toddler insisted on wearing his shoes himself? Or your daughter decided to comb her own hair? 

My little one loves to make shopping lists like me, even if they are just meaningless scribbles.

At that age, we love to buy them that small kids table and chair set and watch them do their art or play with their toys. Just as a high chair is an important part of the baby furniture, a student desk is an important part of a school going kid's room.

Kids Desk Chairs: Kids Wooden Classic Parker Desk Chairs - Espresso Parker Desk Chair<br /><br />Floor to Seat: 18 H
Kids Espresso Desk

Find more kid desk here.

But with so many choices and selections, how do you choose the best fit for your child?

1. Figure out the Function

If you are planning to buy a desk for your Kindergartener, you might be interested in something more colorful and fun, like the Disney Fairy Desk

An older child will need more drawers, shelves and desktop space for a computer.

Figuring out the functionality will help you decide between a simple student desk, a childs computer desk and the amount of desk storage you should look for.

2. Size it Up

Steffy Corner Computer Table with Keyboard Shelf
Steffy Corner Computer Table with Keyboard Shelf

Check out your child's bedroom. Where would you like to place his desk? 

Want to place the kid desk in front of the window; remember to measure the height of the desk, so it would come just under the window ledge.

If the student desk is to go beside the bed, note the distance between the bed and the wall. You wouldn't want to buy a desk only to find it too big for the space.

If space is limited, you might want to look for a corner childs computer desk to help utilize the space.

Knowing the measurements will help you avoid any headache (and heartache) of returning a piece you liked.

3. Fun DIY Tips for the Kid Desk

Kids and Teen Desk

Making a kid desk to match the decor or theme of the room is surprisingly easier than you might have thought.

  • Paint the table or parts of it to match the color scheme of the room.
  • Buy an extra vinyl decal set - put one up on the focus wall and decorate the table, hutch and drawers or shelves with the second set.
  • If your child loves a particular character, why not tape a placemat of his favorite onto his table. You can easily change this each time his favorite changes.

4. Desk Storage Supplies

Kids Storage: Wire Wall Storage Bins - Blue Down to the Wire Wall Bin
Wire Wall Storage Bins

With the start of school, the school supplies and heaps of papers your child brings back start to clutter up the kid desk. You need to figure out the desk storage requirements before you go under!!

  • If the desk is large, you can put all the desk storage stuff on the tabletop. 
  • Add shelves, hooks or wall containers to take the organization away from the tabletop. 
  • A fancy memo board, or dry erase/chalkboards are just as useful to help your child remember project deadlines and other important things.

As you can see a student desk can be just as much fun as any other piece of furniture in the kids bedroom. Go ahead, give them the fun space and watch them enjoy being at their desk!!

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