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Where Do I Shop for My Girls or Boys Bedrooms?

Shopping Girls / Boys Bedrooms is Exhausting. We Have a Shortlist.

* You have decided to re-decorate your kids bedrooms and would like to add bunk beds for kids growing older.

* You are expanding your family and need to fill your nursery with the perfect baby stuff.

* Your son is heading for college and needs good deals on dorm room bedding.

Whatever the scenario, when it comes to the nitty-gritties of shopping for the essentials and the luxuries, CONFUSION REIGNS SUPREME.

Your fabulous bedroom themes need time, money and patience to come true.

Naturally the world wide web of online stores beckons as you can browse any number of nursery beddings, teen bedroom furniture, storage solutions and more with simply a click of a button.

This page has been created to help you sort through the ginormous list of online stores. Depending on your budget, shop for bargains as well as pick up some unique luxury items to mix and match and create that unique bedroom.

These are some of our receommended stores:

All in One Stores


A brand that needs no further introduction, Target caters to your budget without compromising on quality. Their prices are very competitive and they often have exclusive labels.

And if you have not yet invested in their Redcard, you must do so right away. The savings are unbelievable.


A name that speaks for itself. Amazon has been adding products such as Kindle Fire and giving competitors in every field a hard time. You can expect the best bargains here and a large variety too. With the increase of it's reach in every corner of our lives, Amazon is probably already on your list of favorites. And it's on ours too.

Time To Go Green

The Ultimate Green Store

If you are a firm believer in all things organic, check out The Ultimate Green Store for a healthy dose of green. They have everything you can think of for your home, baby, kids and even dorm needs.

Our Green House

For eco-friendly gifts that will make you the favored guests everywhere, check out Our Green House. You can create gifts by occasion, by theme, by price or by whom it is for...including your little fur-babies.

From organic aprons and alpaca blankets to re-usable bamboo straws and recycled glass tumblers, they have a wide array for you to choose from.


Be aware of the clothes that touch your baby's skin. Choose to go organic. Upchoose offers you a chance to pick organic baby clothes at a fraction of their usual price, while also helping reduce landfill. Do the right thing.

Exclusive Items For Girls / Boys Bedrooms


DormCo is the leading retailer for college dorm essentials. When shopping for college stuff, dorm bedding or any accessories for your dorm room in general, turn to DormCo.


A husband and wife team have made it big in this very niche market. We especially love the Decorative Ceiling Tiles faux leather tiles - they would look awesome in young teen girls or boys bedrooms.


There are companies that sell murals and then there is Magic Murals. You can spend hours just looking at all their amazing murals. Deciding the one for you will probably take some time!


Inspire your child to learn about the world!

Little Passports is your child's ticket to an exciting global adventure. With a click of a button, your child gets a better understanding of the world. Check it out for yourself.


Whether you are making birth announcements, sending out birthday invites or celebrating with holiday cards, Tiny Prints (better known as Shutterfly) has a huge selection of cards or you can custom make your own too.

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