Decorative Modern Wall Sconces
...A Touch of Glamour

Use decorative modern wall sconces for a glamorous 4 wall lighting.

While chandeliers can create a grand focal point in the room, there are some moments when you want to change the mood of the room.

The soft light of a table lamp would work wonders, but the problem of wires that need to be hidden from curious fingers, remains.

Glamour Girl Wall Sconce
Glamour Girl Wall Sconce

Wall sconces can be a wonderful addition to any nursery or kids room. There are many advantages in adding wall sconces to your child's room.

  1. Wall Sconces are Safer.

    Modern wall sconces are popular in many nurseries and toddler rooms as they do away with the need for wires sticking out where wandering feet might entangle or curious fingers might pull on.

  2. They Open Up Floor Space.

    In small spaces where you might not have enough floor space for a floor lamp or a table lamp, wall sconces light up while leaving the area open for other pieces. Like in a teenagers room where you might need additional seating or storage.

  3. Fefe French Poodle Sconce

  4. Continue the theme of the kids room decor.

    Childrens lighting has come a long way. Decorative wall sconces in different colors, themes and patterns can help you continue the theme of the room without distracting from the focal point.

    You can even match the wall sconce to the chandelier for added glamour. For example, this adorable Fefe French Poodle Wall Sconce can be paired with a matching FeFe French Poodle Chandelier

  5. Candle Wall Sconces are Perfect Teen Girl Accessory.

    Imagine a teenage girl's bedroom complete with all things girly girl (if she likes it that way). Adding a beautiful candle wall sconce will give her functionality (added lighting); decoration (the designs are gorgeous); and more (fragrant candles help de-stress) to create a 'something unique' feel in her room.

Decorative wall sconces make great bedroom accessories for all rooms from nurseries to teen rooms. Match them to the color or theme of the room decor to create beautiful harmony.

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