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Hello and welcome to another edition of Kids Room Alerts.

We have been making some changes in our home and have discovered that old pieces of furniture can find new uses when replaced. We got a new coffee table and didn't know what to do with the old one. So for a time it stood in as my bedside table…a rather long bedside table! Last

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night I shifted it to the kids room as a storage unit for all their toys and presto! We can now see the floor and can walk in the room (as opposed to finding toe-holds around the toys strewn about.)

Yeah...I can see you nod. You know what it feels like to have your house taken over by toys – who need worry about aliens when there are dinosaurs and Barbie dolls?

Let us figure out some innovative toy storage solutions today.

Latest Topics/Features
  1. We have started a new feature on Dorm Decor. Back to school has been a lot of fun; but dorm decorating does not stop once you have moved in. New ideas, changing tastes, experimenting – that is what college life is all about. Find out more...

  2. As part of our Dorm Decor series, we have dedicated an entire section to College Posters and other Dorm Wall Decor ideas. Create a fabulous dorm room at a low cost. Also check out the do-it-yourself guides for great ideas. Find out more...

  3. For the hard core interior designer within you, we have a selection of interesting resources in our library under the section 'Books, books, books'. Whether you are looking for printed books or ebooks, there are some great finds here. Find out more...

  4. With the beautiful Fall season upon us once again, it is time to honor the season with Fall decorating ideas. Give the kids room a seasonal look with these fun ideas. Find out more...

For the latest deals and discounts don't forget to check out our blog, or our Daily Deals section.

Partner News
  1. For our readers in the UK, we have teamed up with Homebase, a leading name in Home Decorating.

  2. Amazon has launched Amazon Mom – a free membership allowing you many discounts and super savings. Become a member today.

  3. Shop your favorite costume this Halloween. Choose from over 4000 costumes at CostumeExpress.
Innovative Toy Storage Solutions

Visit any kids store or furniture shop and you will find many fun and colorful kids storage solutions.

This adorable organizer from Circo (available at Target) has received rave reviews. Add these cute animal face fabric drawers and presto! The toys strewn around now have a fun home. Of course, getting the toys into the bins is another matter altogether.

A fun way I had devised (that worked very well for many a month) was to have a race. I would stack the dishwasher and the kids had to clean up their room; of course the kids always won (wink).

But you don't have to spend a ton for kids toy storage. What do you really need for storage? A designated place for each toy and book your child has. Look into your garage or shed – do you see any piece of furniture that is not being used? Can you revamp it and add it to your kids room? Like the baby cart organizer that you put away; once your infant outgrew the changing table phase.

Some Proud Magazine MOMents

We present the Magazine Moments of these proud moms. Visit their individual pages and add your compliments to their superb efforts.

  1. HartsDesire of Northern Virginia (USA) – Carter's green nursery is simple and sophisticated.

  2. Julia of Milwaukee, WI (USA) – Truman's bright and bold personalized nursery is inspirational.

  3. Heather of Dallas, TX (USA) – Becca's nursery is elegant beyond words; a feast for the eyes.

  4. Jessica (US) – Benjamin's dream nursery is perfectly decorated.

  5. Rachael Cooper of Spring Hill, Tennessee (USA) – A wall decal that stands out and a fabulous sheep theme make a lovely nursery for little Zanon.

Ask the Editor

This newsletter is our way of getting to know you better. Do you have any innovative toy storage solutions to share? Is there something specific that you would like to see on our site or in our e-zine? Tell us what you like and do not like (really?) about our site. Get in touch with us and make your voice heard.

Quote to Keep You Going

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. ~Vance Havner

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