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Hello and welcome to a new edition of Kids Room Alerts.

Happy Father's Day!

Even as marketing gurus go overboard with their ‘Dads and Grads’ rhyming jingles; we parents are in high stress.

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- De-Stress your Summer
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The Summer Holidays are here!! And soon the only song ringing in our ears will be "I AM BORED!"

In this issue, we hope to offer you some great tips to de-stress the summer holidays. Don't forget to check our Great Find – to keep your kids busy and your mind relaxed.

Notable Topics/Features

Kids comforter

Kids Comforters
There are two ways to go about decorating your kids room. Either you paint the walls a chosen color and find the bedding to complement it, or go through catalogues of kids comforters and find the one that inspires the theme and color scheme for the room. Whichever way you choose to go, you cannot deny Read more...

Kids Chandelier

Chandeliers for Kids
You can choose the nursery chandelier by color - pink is a hot favorite, but there are also lovely white and black crystal chandeliers. Or you can choose the chandelier by theme - antler, monkey, airplanes and more.Read more...

Modern Wall Sconces

Modern Wall Sconces
While chandeliers can create a grand focal point in the room, there are some moments when you want to change the mood of the room. The soft light of a table lamp would work wonders, but the problem of wires that need to be hidden from curious fingers, remains. Read more...

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean - Special Feature
Let your child's imaginative and creative ideas leap and dance unbound. The magic of the movies can live on in his heart and in his room with these Toys and Games. Read more...

Dorm Furniture

Dorm Furniture
Funky and fancy compete with contemporary and understated as dormward bound teenagers desperately seek to create their style - should I merge in or stand out? Change your style every year maybe even every six months. This is your time to experiment - find yourself. Read more...

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De-Stress Your Summer

With the Summer Holidays only just beginning, most parents have to find fun kids summer activities to keep them happily occupied.

Many of us start out with the best of intentions, yet having the kids around the house all day long can wear our patience and their interest thin.

Here are some stress busters to help you through the Summer Holidays:

  • Team Up: Talk to other parents in your neighborhood or to close friends. Take turns at hosting activities for the kids; such as a backyard obstacle course; tug of war; artists' gallery etc. This will free up some of your time when others host and keep you more involved when it is your turn.

  • Me-Time:Don't feel guilty about taking some Me-Time for yourself everyday. Kids are more comfortable when they have a routine. Even during the holidays, try to inject some form of routine. For example, Arts and Crafts Time; Story Time; Mommy Me-Time; Outdoor Games Time.

  • Weekend Specials:Schedule outdoor activities such as hikes, camping or picnics over the weekend. If the kids have something to look forward to, they are less likely to create chaos during the week.

  • Think Differently: Sometimes all it takes to bring down your stress level, is to think differently. Instead of looking at the kids summer activities as a disruption of your regular routine; see it as an opportunity to spend more time with them. Kids grow fast and soon they will spend more time with friends than with you. Gather as many precious memories as you can while they still look forward to spending time with you.

Partner News
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  2. Barnes and Noble - Free Expedited Shipping on Nook(TM for Fathers Day; valid only 6/14 to 6/16!!

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A Great Find

Some of the best art and craft ideas start at home from the items you would find at home. This book, Kid Made Modern, by Todd Oldham, holds this key thought as the basis for all its kids craft ideas.

Find interesting kids crafts to keep them busy and creative. You could even get them to create a great gift for dad this Father’s Day!

Ask the Editor

This newsletter is our way of getting to know you better. Do you have any creative decorating ideas to share? Is there something specific that you would like to see on our site or in our e-zine? Tell us what you like and do not like (really?) about our site. Get in touch with us and make your voice heard.

Quote to Keep You Going

A father carries pictures where his money used to be. ~Author Unknown

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