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Inspiring kids bathroom decor and other stories - August 2012
August 16, 2012

Welcome to the August edition of ‘Décor 4 Kids’ – where dreams find wings!

Inspiration Board - Bathroom Decor

bathroom decor

Every month we create a unique inspiration board for you.

It has already received our seal of approval (as you can see at the bottom of the picture)...but does it get yours?

Check it out and leave us a comment on whether it inspires you and how?

Bathroom Wall Art

kids bathroom decor

The most boring room in our house is the bathroom -small, windowless and just gloomy. To perk it up a little, we added a purple bath rug, a froggy shower curtain (the kids love frogs. Why, I'll never know!) and some fancy toothbrush holder.

But it just wasn't doing much to brighten up the space. Then we decided to add bathroom wall art...and voila! The place was instantly looked brighter.

Have you been taken a look at your bathroom recently? Need creative options? Read More

Back to School – Eco friendly Products

eco-friendly living

This is back to school season and you must be carrying the school supply list in your bag as we speak, right? This year why not try out some eco-friendly options?

Fill your kids backpack with recycled crayons, banana paper notebooks and Tree Smart pencils even as you fill their recycled lunch carriers with organic kid healthy snacks.

Read More

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quote for the month
Quote of the month

Storage for School Supplies

kids room storage

Now that you have bought all the school supplies, you need a place to store it all.

Also as the year begins, your kids will be bringing home artworks, assignments, reports, projects. You will also have to juggle all the different activities and remember so many different dates.

How do you do it all so well without missing a beat? Thanks to your super storage ideas for all the school supplies, of course. Read More

Ask the Editor

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