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Colorful Rugs in Kids Bedroom!
February 21, 2013

The floor rug like the wall paint in the kids bedroom needs to harmonize all the other aspects of the room. In fact, they anchor the colors swirling around the room.

A few years ago, I was heavily influenced by Feng Shui. This translated to deep purples strewn around my rooms, even though they were not really my style.

The purple striped rug in my living room has since become quite an eye sore (for me at least), and I can't wait to get rid of it.

I have found that the rug draws attention to itself right away...and so finding a rug that actually lifts your spirits and makes the room look cozy, is a must in every room.

Geometric Designs

Whether you go for square blocks, triangles or circles, geomtric designs in multiple colors make great floor rugs.

Kids Rugs: Kids Multi-colored Wool Dot Rug - 4 x 6 Dot Matrix Rug
Dot Matrix Rug
Kids Rugs: Triangle Geometric Rug - 4 x 6 Simple Geometry Rug
Triangle Geometric Rug
Kids Rugs: Kids Khaki Circles Wool Rug - 4 x 6 Khaki Rug
Circles Wool Rug

Alphabets and Numbers

If you are looking for nursery rugs, and want something educational as well, these super cute alphabet and number rugs are your answer. They would work well in a playroom, day care or classroom too.

Chandra Rugs Kids Number Kids Rug
Number Kids Rug

nuLOOM Kinder Alphabet Expressions Kids Rug
Alphabet Expressions Kids Rug

Floral Kid Rugs

Colorful rugs doesn't mean you have to settle for geometric or alphanumeric rugs. Why not go floral? Or Whimsical? The one with the feet just makes me smile.

Kids Rugs: Poppy and Pansy Floral Rug - 4X6 Poppies and Pansies Rug
Poppies and Pansies Rug

Momeni Lil' Mo Whimsy Ivory Kids Rug
Momeni Lil' Mo Whimsy Ivory Kids Rug
Haba Feet Kids Rug
Haba Feet Kids Rug

Other Floor Rugs

With the increasing popularity of decorating kids rooms in various themes and schemes, the kid rugs industry has kept pace.

Haba Jungle Kids Rug
Jungle Kids Rug

nuLOOM Kinder Race Track Kids Rug
Race Track Kids Rug
Vibrance Multi Peacock Kids Rug Rug Size: Round 5'
Peacock Kids Rug

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