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Baby Potty Training
- Stepping Up to the...

Your Baby Potty Training Challenge - Step Up!

Special Feature - February 2015

We've all been there, done that. There is just no way around it. Teaching your baby to step up to the potty seat is one of the biggest challenges of our parenting lives.

The transition period from diapers to clean and dry underwear is a lo-o-o-ong road that seems to never end while we are there. Until one day it suddenly does.

It also provides some of the most hilarious stories to recount for the rest of our lives.

I'm sure you have your own stash of potty training stories from days gone by. My all time favorite however is one I had read at Circle of Moms.

"My youngest son seemed to never take the time to go No. 2. And, consequently, he became very constipated on many occasions. So...my wife and I created a little Poo-Poo song and dance that we did. Silly, strange, we didn't care. If it made the boy poop, it was worth it. 

We did the jazz-hands stuff and danced around the bathroom as we sang, "Big Poo-Poo, Big Poo-Poo." 

Wow...what a time it was. But you know what? It worked!" - as related by Michael Hawkins

One mom sang a song to her son "The toddler on the potty goes (pee, pee, pee)" to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus"!!

Another mom (and her older children) would admire the poop of the youngest and exclaim on the amazing shapes each time. Gross. But, you know how it goes.

So when I heard about this interesting potty training product and guide that literally eliminates all the hard work, I had mixed feelings. I mean, my kids are now in their tweens, so I have mostly gotten over the harrowing diaper transition times.

Also, those are some cute stories to talk about in your old age, eh?But then again, for those parents who are struggling with this right now, I'm sure you will be happy to have some help.

There is an excerpt from an interview with the lady behind this miracle baby potty training product. But before we get to that...I went to her sales page. Two things stood out above all the regular marketing blah blah.

  1. She has a following of over 100,000 fans on her Facebook page. That is huge! To me that is like a signal that people are happy with her product.
  2. The feedback and comments on her sales page are up to date and she even replies regularly to her readers. This shows me total commitment to her potty training tools and guide.

If you decide to try out her product, don't forget to give us a shout out to know how it performed. We want our readers to have access to the best products out there. If they don't live up to their reputation, we take those products off.

Also, please remember that most products (including this one) displayed on our web-site contain affiliate links that earn us a commission. (You can read our disclosure policy for more details.)

And now, take it away, Carol Cline...

Me: Hi Carol, thanks for taking the time with me here today.

Carol: Glad to make the time! Hope I can help answer all your hard hitting potty training questions and help some parents along the way.

Me: So, let me come right out and ask! Did you ever think that one day you’d be the world authority on all things potty training?

Carol: I wish I could tell you that I knew this was my calling the second I sat on my very first potty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually went to school for business and owning my own daycare was always the life long goal for me.

Me: Thats fantastic! So this interview will be going out to lots of parents who are right now just about to start potty training. What one word would you use to describe the entire potty training process?

Carol: Well let me break the rules and sum it up in two; “Buckle Down”

Me: Oh boy! I’m sure parents love hearing that lol. Can you tell me exactly what you mean by “buckle down”?

Carol: Well i’m sure some parents would expect me to say “Run for your life” while secretly hoping I’d say “Don’t worry about it, its easy!”. The truth is that potty training is different for every child and it will be just as challenging as it is rewarding when all is said and done.

Me: So what would you say  a parents very first step should be going into potty training if they want fast results?

Carol: The first thing I always tell parents is to remember P.P.C! That stands for always being “Positive, Persistent and Consistent”. They are the three pillars that make potty training stand, remove one and the entire thing falls to the ground.

Me: I know for a fact with my own child, being positive all the way through was a big part of it.

Carol: Children can sense if you’re truly happy or not. Simply put – If you’re not happy training them, they wont be happy learning from you.

Me: There is an age old debate on the topic of potty training when it comes to boys verses girls. Is it a fact that girls are easier to train than boys?

Carol: Now this is a question I honestly get asked a lot and the truth might just surprise you. Boys and girls are exactly the same to potty train! This myth started due to the basic fact that typically in the past, women would be the ones responsible for potty train the child.

Typically  women feel more comfortable potty training their daughters simply because they can relate better to them. In reality, you potty train a boy the exact same way you would a girl – There is no difference.

Me: Now you literally “wrote the book” on how to potty train. If parents pick up your guide can they really have a diaper free child in three days?

Carol: Now let me say that if your child is 16 months you cant honestly expect more like a few weeks. But nearly every parent with a child around the age of two (give or take a month or two) who shows signs that they are read… CAN in fact be trained in just three days… Sometimes even less!

Me: What is the shortest time someone has ever potty trained their child using the methods in your guide?

Carol: I once had a women read my guide at 7 AM and emailed me that day at 3:40PM telling me their child has gone to the potty all day long on his own! So eight hours and forty minutes to answer your question exactly! lol

Me: An email like that must have felt nice?

Carol: As crazy as it sound. Helping parents potty train their children has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Me: So if parents want to experience potty training their child in three days, where can find out more about your method?

Carol: They can visit my website! It’s the only place they will find out exactly how I came up with my personal method and get their hands on a copy for themselves. (Click Here To Visit Carol Cline’s Site)

Are you ready to step up to the plate (or the potty seat in this case)? I wish you all the success in your potty training endeavors. Don't forget to share your stories with us on our Facebook page.

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